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Updated: Apr 22, 2023

"Empowering mothers, one home and page at a time."

I’m a wife, homeschool mom to four, writer and small business owner. With four kids, all born under five years, I’m always on the run. Nothing is slow. They changed my life forever. I always knew I wanted to be a mom. My kids keep me on my knees, but I am thankful that they are mine. God has given me the opportunity to teach them His ways.

I’m married to an entrepreneur. A man I look up to and see his heart in everything he does. His passion and ambition is what I fell in love with. He inspires me to do more and better.

I can honestly say that my strength comes from God and it is through Him that I get through each day. I find joy and peace in the Lord. He brings order to my chaos. Praise and worship music puts some energy in my soul. He just lights up my soul. It’s a living relationship that I have to share with people.

Writing is my thing, no matter how busy I get, this is the one thing I make time for. Some other things I enjoy is travel, road trips, being laid back, chill, pretty things, pretty places, vintage cars and funky stationary.

I don’t do well with early mornings and need lots of coffee to get through the first hour.

That’s a short and sweet version of me. Thank you for following my blog. Keep up to date with everything I do on social media pages.

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