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Baby I'm Back

It's Time

The strangest thing is to walk into a shopping centre without wearing a mask. I don't know about you but I feel a bit naked and cold. With all that's going on I can honestly say the world is changing and I'm not always sure what to think. What I can tell you is my motivation and strength first and far most comes from above.

I stepped away from my blog to adjust to our new lifestyle where I permanently started homeschooling my four kids. I also entered my forties and it turned out it was not about buying a red Ferrari or jumping off the highest bridge in the world. I needed time to adjust and learn a couple of things for this second half of life. Success is all about the prep work before the time. So much lessons learnt and so many hard moments over the past few years but also moments of joy and achievement on so many different levels. It's not always just bad, life offers a bit of both and we have to embrace each moment, live for that moment and continue to grow and move forward. The only way is one step at a time in faith and knowing exactly where you are heading.

Past Tense

Where to begin? So much has happened over the past two years and although I'm still the same person, I almost feel like a completely different one. Renewed in vision for my future and taking time to get to know myself all over again. When we are moms of small kids we often get lost in nappies, milk, nap times, deprived sleep, schedules etc but, as they grow a little older they no longer require 24/7 assistance. That is the moment to take the leap and bounce back.

With Covid the world changed in a blink of an eye and no one knew what to expect. Little did we know this would become part of our future like no one could really predict. For some this new reality became their worst nightmare. Others got to know their kids again for the first time. Time was the one thing we finally had more than enough of. But it created fear that creeped into homes, hearts and futures. We dealt with Covid in our own different ways just as it affected everyone in its own different way. Fact remains it was a hard reality everyone faced all over the world, everyone in the same boat.

Future Tense

I for one have learnt it's okay to have days where you are not okay. It's okay to be happy when someone else is sad. It's okay to cry in the bathroom behind a shut door. It's okay to get stuck in your own world and be a little selfish. It's okay to get stuck in your own world. Just don't stay there. Feel the moment and then move forward. Every single person walking this planet has good days and bad days.

The perfection of life does not lie in a perfect life. It lies within those small perfect moments that we treasure and make count. Marishka Mansill


I am happy to announce that I am back and I am busy with so many exciting new things. I look forward to be sharing life with you as I did before. I've become the CEO of our home and now as I got to know myself all over again I am happy to share all the ups and downs with you.

Being a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend is part of who I am. It is time to take the step and finally do what I was called to do.

Thank you for all the love and support over the years and cheers to this wonderful new journey that lies ahead.

Much Love, Marishka Mansill

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