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But God

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

I Am Fine

There is a lot of people living in the world today that are not okay. The words "I am fine" has become the normal response to the question "How are you?"

Why can't we be truthful to our friends and family about the things hanging heavy on the heart? Is it really that hard to be authentic and real to the people closest to us? Everyone goes through something. Most people are facing a thing. It might not all fall under the same category but this is an almost one hundred percent truth.

Choose yourself, your peace, and your happiness over choosing someone who doesn't know how to love you.

Do You Ask Yourself

Who honestly say to themselves "I am in a place I've never been before!" Can you acknowledge this and then take it a step further to figure it out without hiding behind what you are facing.

Most times I feel the fire burning inside my soul, knowing and understanding the plans God has for me. It makes me kid excited! But some days I am hurting that I can physically feel the pain in my heart. That pain gives me drive. It gives me hope. It's what makes me go one more step forward. I redirect what I'm going through into a positive.

Yes I ask myself questions like: "Where is my place?" "What exactly is my purpose?" "Who am I?" "Why me?" And this is a good thing. We have to ask the questions. We have to open the door and face the answers. Even if the answers are not what we really want to hear. It's the only way to find the right direction.

And make no mistake you are not the only mom who sometimes feel lonely, overwhelmed, dropping balls or feeling like you are completely failing your family from time to time. Every mom, every wife, every woman and every person feels like this somewhere in their life. Why are we hiding from this? Why can't we admit when we are struggling or facing Goliath?

It Is Time

It is time we learn to take the pressure off of ourselves. We have to learn to let go of who we think we should be and who the world tells us to be. Ask yourself the uncomfortable questions and use your answers to over time and grace for yourself become who you really are deep down. Those tiny seeds God planted in your heart when you were a kid is still there.

I Know It Hurts

I know the sad part is sometimes when we are real with some people you get shut down. And this hurts not only because we are human but because we trust so easy with our whole heart and soul. So often your story will become a sensation, a topic or an open discussion accept you are not invited. Hold onto the knowledge that there will always be someone. God will never leave us alone. Sometimes it will be someone for a season, sometimes it will be a forever.

Has the world become a place where we can't trust anyone with anything anymore? Is there really something wrong with sitting down at the end of a week with a friend and say "You know what I really had a tough week" or "I am currently going through a really difficult time, will you please pray for me?"

Can each one of us say with one hundred percent certainty that we have a person like that? I bet you so many people can't. The loneliness and feeling of rejection has a bigger part of the situation than the actual situation that we are facing. Getting left behind by friends, people you truly loved and trusted is sore. I know and I understand this. But it is very important to acknowledge it, let your pain work for you. Don't tuck it away and think you will be okay eventually. Face the music. Deal with your emotions. So that you can move forward. Set yourself free.

But God

I believe if God is using you in a really big way and He has very special plans for your life you sometimes will face some of the biggest problems in life. It is to keep us in faith and to continue to know that the work we do is not because of us but God.

But God.

But God.

Always but God.

Know who you are in Christ. I feel so confused sometimes as to where I fit in but I know the key God gives me will fit every door He takes me to.

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted but not abandoned. 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

Have a blessed week and remember don't let anyone tell you, you are not worthy. You have something so special, find it and be the greatest person you can be.

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