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For anybody trying to deal with the difficulties of motherhood, aging, or handling midlife crises, my books are more than just collections of stories; they're also a great source of inspiration and information.

I try inspire readers with a road map for accomplishing their objectives and getting through hurdles by providing a distinct viewpoint and useful advice. My books will provide you the direction and motivation you want, whether you want to raise healthier children, age gracefully, or through a midlife crisis. 

Writing is one of my biggest passions, and I hope to continue to write many more books that inspire and empower readers. So, if you're looking for a source of inspiration and guidance on your journey through life, then my books are the perfect place to start

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Susan Richardson

I most definitely recommend Gifted by Build a Box. I placed an order which I received within a day beautifully put together in a box. It was so easy to order and everything I ordered was beautifully put inside the box I ordered with decor. I could not have made up such a beautiful box myself and I would have spent by far more time getting the items,  it would have taken me longer to wrap and not look so elegant and professional and I would have paid more. I ordered the red and white lorry wines, the cap and BBQ sauce. I cant describe the excitement and delight on my friends face when receiving and opening the gift. This is the only way to go for me in the future when getting gifts for friends or family. Quick, hassle free, lots of ideas and items to choose from and an all round awesome experience and service. Thank you Marishka for creating such a beautiful business idea. You put happy excitement smiles on people's faces and heart.


Thank you @seweasycreations for your kind words! 

“What a joy to be able to sit in the comfort of your own home and to send a friend a gift with just the press of a button... Thank you SO much to Gifted for making this possible. Fast and reliable service is definitely their motto.  Everything packed and put together with so much care and love. I could not have done it any better. Thank you!”

It’s only our pleasure! Gifting has never been easier🤍


“Kicked off the day with a new read. It’s tricky to describe this book. It’s almaost like a devotional, more like a journal, definitely a guide self discovery and specifically aimed at woman in their midlife (around the 40’s). All I can say for sure it that so far it is a MUST READ. So many of Marishka’s words sound like my own. The challenges, thoughts and feelings she writes about been the exact same ones running through my mind the past year.”

She continued to say: “Don’t know how you knew it @momjustsaying but this is the book I needed in my life right at this moment.”


I have a few off my closets, girlfriends turning 40 this year. The so-called midlife crisis year. I realized that even though I am the youngest, I am the oldest mom, with the oldest child, with the almost longest marriage, I have been there, done that, got this left that, and now I am ME. This made me wonder if I might have had my midlife crisis at 30 % ..... It's probably a debatable perspective, but at least it's my own, and my story to tell.

The midlife cleanse is the most amazing book that gets you right where you are in your life. Wherever you are ~ fabulous at 40, or saved at 30, broken in your 20ties or perhaps 50 g! We all have our different stories. This book is a great reminder of who you are and your perfect purpose in Jesus. #getthisbook

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