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Wishing you a blessed 2018!

Updated: Jun 15

It feels like yesterday when I wrote a short post wishing my readers a happy new 2017, and now in a blink of an eye it’s one year later!

This year was a good year, a hard and tough year but good. If there is one thing God taught me this year it was to be patient and always wait on Him for His timing is the perfect timing. A more important lesson in 2017 for me was how God showed me He loves and adores everyone, yes even our very own enemies.

I will walk into 2018 with more wisdom and knowledge of the works of the Lord but I also know He is not done with His teachings for me and our life. I’m going in with an open heart and I pray that God will remove all the little fear weeds from my beautiful garden He is preparing for us. At first it seems small and those weeds can even carry pretty little flowers but before you know it those pretty little flowers have taken over the garden and can destroy whatever is left. I want to walk through 2018 without fear, without doubt and without worry. I want to walk in confidence and with Godly courage and become a courageous woman of Christ. I want to wish my readers a blessed 2018 and may God be your guide, may you find refuge in Him and Him alone. Much love to you all x

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