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Winter Likes In Fashion

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Some Of My  2018 Winter Favorites Please take note that when I use the phrase "must have" in any of my "fashion posts" I actually mean, would love to have but might never get there. It is impossible to just go out and get everything I like, although that would be nice.

The Saddle Bag I use to be a handbag girl and then got completely over it. It just became another thing to watch when we were out and about. When the kids were little I popped my small purse and phone in the nappy bag and didn't have a bag for many years.  Now, today, this season I’m back in the game. It is time to take control again, and wow I can't believe how much I have missed looking around at bags, intentionally searching to find that perfect back. I particulary love the saddles bag. I have a very good reason for it! You can flip it over your shoulder and still have two free arms and hands while everything else is safely in your bag right next to your body. As a mom of four I still need my hands to be free. It took me a while to find something with less detail, I like them plain and simple but I was so lucky I found two in one day. To have it even better I found them in two different colors! Black and brown! Can a girl be that lucky! They are both small and light in weight, but big enough for my phone, some lipgloss and cards.

The Brown Mini Harry Bag From TYPO I love this bag and you can even find it online here and have it delivered to your door. It has two front buckles and adjustable strap.

The Black Katie Saddle Bag From I love this bag because I can use it during the day or at night. It's small but big enough for everything I need. It's got an adjustable strap and detail to the buckle. You can shop for it here. Do you see that I can even take selfies and not drop the bag!?

Warm Boots It’s been freezing this winter! Way to cold to have my ankles show while wearing All Stars or any other sneakers. I have stuck to my In Step Boots I got myself maybe five or six years ago. Yes they have lasted that long and yes they can still go for many years. Even back then I was a clever girl and got it in Black and Desert color. One pair wouldn’t have been enough. I wear these every day, they are perfect for our two cold months in the year! You can buy them online now or you can find them in some Surf Shops. I got mine from the Billabong shop in Cape Town. These boots are handmade and I’m sure that’s why they are lasting so long. If you have a budget you can totally get very similar boots for way cheaper and get the exact same look and warmth. They just might not last five seasons, luckily our taste changes some times. So it’s not a complete bad thing.

Less Is More With Jewelry I'm sure some people won’t agree with me here and that’s fine. We all have our own taste, likes and dislikes. I don’t wear a lot of jewellery. It irritates me, or it breaks when I play with the kids so over the years of being a mom I lost interest in buying any jewellery or other accessories. I do love earrings though and these days they are devine. Have you seen all the different colors, shapes, tassels and sizes you get? I’m more of a plain girl, like less is more kinda thing so I love different kinds of studs. If you close to a Lovisa shop, do yourself a favor and pop in. They have a huge sale going on and you could probably get enough for a year and for the price of one. Here are some of my favorites and this is the one accessory I change every day.

Final Word And Tip I'll be sharing more of some of my favorites soon, keep your eyes on the shops, the sales are starting to pop up everywhere. I'm doing a little happy dance here. Woolworths Sale starts end of July and we all know what huge savings comes from there. Remember shop wisely and if you can't afford it today, don't buy it yet, rather save and get it tomorrow.

Tip Don't get rid of everything from last season, some items can last much longer. When you shop, make sure you buy timeless items so you can get your money's worth. xxx

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