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Why Choose Anything Other Than Colloidal Silver?

Mommy Is Home Returning home after one of the most epic experiences of my life felt so good. A newfound appreciation for the simpler things in life, like a pillow and brick walls etc. I’ve missed the kids so much. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was so good. It was good for my soul, but being away from my kids, and especially missing my Princess’s birthday was hard. Only once I had returned did I hear about all the things that went wrong while I was gone and my heart-felt an actual pain. As mothers we want to protect, nurture and love as much as we possibly can and if we are not around it’s just not possible to do that or be that. My birthday girl got sick while I was gone and although she was in good and capable hands, they weren't my hands, and that just broke my heart. "No one can like mom can." kind of feeling. When I listen to all the stories and how sick she really was I am thankful for what I am about to share with you, because I am sure it made a difference.

Gut Health I’m not exactly  sure, but around two years ago a concerned friend called and told me briefly about the importance of gut health. Having four kids is not easy, but keeping them healthy and off antibiotics is a whole new ball game. Nika went on antibiotics the first time when she was only 17 months old, Roxy was a new-born baby when Nika got tonsillitis for the first time. I will never forget it. It was the first time I ever had to deal with fever, a baby just lying there so sick that her body was hanging in my arms, helpless and lifeless. Once I got the antibiotics she recovered within two days and was back to her old self. I was so happy and thankful. I thought antibiotics were the best thing since sliced bread. This however taught me the wrong thing. Each time the kids got sick after that I wouldn’t even hesitate putting them on antibiotics just to get them better. The problem was that I had so many “babies” at one stage that the last thing you want is some viral infection or something similar, breeding in your home. I just wanted to kill whatever came in as fast as I could. Terminator mom style. Little did I know that it wasn’t just killing the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria in their little bodies and each time they got sick they had nothing good left to fight the bad. And so this cycle just kept on repeating itself. Every winter and every change of season we would go through this. Some winters even four or five courses of antibiotics. This is in a period of three months, which means one week on, one week off. Even writing this I realise how bad it was and I just didn't know.

What Good Did It Do? It was a solution for my immediate problem, and it really was. Each and every single time. Sleepless nights are not my strong point so I was happy to get the babies well again even if it was for just a week.

What Bad Did It Do? It killed everything good in their bodies to fight anything bad and each time they would go on another set of antibiotics it would just break their little immune system even more, making them more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. At the time they weren’t in school yet. I kept them home with me for as long as I could, but even then you can’t protect your kids against all things out there.

The Call I have a friend and she called me one day, I’ll never forget it. Nika was seven already and she read on Facebook that my kids were sick again. She spoke to me for a long time. I was standing outside the classroom waiting for Nika and everything she briefly told me made so much sense. Thank you Nadine, I will forever be thankful for that call. She introduced me to Colloidal Silver. She shared a couple of YouTube videos with me on Whatsapp which I watched over a period of time until I decided enough is enough. It was time for change! I had to do it for them.

Did you know that it takes your body a year to reproduce good bacteria after one course of antibiotics?

Enough Was Enough It was time to claim my life back! It was time to claim their good healthy guts back. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy as their little bodies have been so broken by the antibiotics over the years, but I was willing to bite the bullet and do it. I got hold of a bottle of Colloidal Silver and started giving it to them on a daily basis. I stopped all antibiotics and told my husband it was banned from our house. It was hard, each time the kids got sick, I had to be strong for them, it took longer to get better, it was harder and the journey wasn’t easy but we did it. Slowly but surely I got to the point where I did not run to my doctor for every little snotty nose and the kids weren’t on antibiotics every three to five weeks.

What is Colloidal Silver?

Silver has long been used for its antimicrobial properties to prevent and treat a variety of diseases and most notably infections. The history of Silver dates back to 400BC and it is so interesting that this was the only healing remedy for decades, especially to the rich and royal.

Colloidal Silver:

  1. An immune booster

  2. It has no side effects

  3. Can be used on a daily basis like a vitamin

  4. Helps for inflammation

  5. Eczema

  6. Fights infection

  7. Forms a defence against colds and flu

  8. And so much more

Benefits of Colloidal Silver:

  1. It does not kill good bacteria

  2. Restores good cells

  3. Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi

  4. Boosts Immune System

  5. Fights Infection and Inflammation

  6. The entire family can use it

Where Can You Get It? All leading pharmacies like Clicks and Dis-Chem, other approved pharmacies, Health Shops, Wellness Warehouse, Faithful to Nature, Spar Natural, CrossFit and It is available everywhere and it is price right. They have just launched a new range, the Sport Range where you will find the Swimmers Ear DropsChafing Repair CreamBlister and Wound Gel and lastly the After Sun Liquid-Gel.

Two Years Down The Line My house is not antibiotic free YET and as much as I wish I could say it is, I can’t lie. I can however tell you, if they are on antibiotics once every nine months, it’s a lot. I am getting there. I am trying to get to the point where we don’t turn to antibiotics at all. It’s not easy, especially with my girls. They don’t want to use the bathroom at school and the result of that is a bad bladder infection and a very sick child. In some cases I feel like I don’t have a choice, but Colloidal Silver has made such a huge difference in my life and the life of my family. I continue to buy this at my pharmacy and give it to the kids like a vitamin on a daily basis. It tastes like water and looks like water. I also use some of their other products like the Nasal SprayHealing Gel and the Healing Cream.

Don’t Make The Mistake I Made Look after yourself by looking after their gut health. If the good bacteria is not fighting this battle with you, you are fighting a losing battle. Rather toughen up, fight a good fight for at least six months and see the results. Each time my kids need antibiotics now I feel like I’ve lost a battle and the year has to start all over again, but I’m kitted in full armor and won’t lose the war. I aim to get a one year free from antibiotics in my house. The only way to do this is with good back up like Colloidal Silver, a good healthy diet, which I know is such a struggle with the little ones. Make sure you add berries to their diet, it is filled with antioxidants which is exactly what you want. We're starting over as Nika went on antibiotics while I was on the mountain. However, I am positive that I will get my year, my year free from something that takes more than what it gives. When I was asked to write this post I immediately said I don’t write about things I don’t believe in and when I found it was something I have used in my house for the past two years I was super excited about it. This product has made a difference otherwise I would have stopped using it long ago. It took awhile to make an appearance but taken into consideration how many times the kids had been on antibiotics it didn’t really surprise me and I was desperate enough to wait years for results which I didn't. Give it a try, and stay away from what actually destroys something good inside your own and your children’s bodies.


Disclaimer: This is a paid post by Silverlab on Colloidal Silver. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and the truth. We started using Colloidal Silver at the end of 2016 and has formed part of our daily vitamin intake. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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