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When I Put My Faith In God

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

The Lists The big pack for such a huge family is not an easy task! With four kids and a husband it takes me weeks to plan what I'm going to pack. I make endless lists of things I can't forget, using sticky notes to count down the days. Not because I'm excited, but because I need to know how much time I have left. Every day I wake up feeling confused, in my own little world of chaos, hoping and praying I don't miss a thing! I walk around with lists in my head, praying I will remember by the time I reach a pen and paper! Which, by the way, can take forever if you change a nappy in between and wipe a bum and get a 'milky' and all those little things between you and that piece of paper! Let's not even talk about the endless shopping list before you board that flight and the crazy "to do list" where a person needs a 36-hour day!

Chaos, Always Chaos. In between, life doesn't stop. School is still going, soccer mom is still spending her afternoons in the car, supper must still be served (only to not be eaten because it's not good enough), bath time, story time, cuddle time. And then when those lights are finally out I sit in front of my different lists and wonder how will I ever get everything done in time? The problem is that by this time I'm so tired I decide to leave it until tomorrow because it's another day. Then, well then it starts all over again! And then it repeats itself again, day in and day out! I am, by nature, a very organized person! I'm someone who has always had my ducks in a row, and then came the little people! Sometimes I think my mother must look at me and think, 'Oh my word! My poor daughter." I've never had a second name but now I do, and it is CHAOS! I think it suits me quite well.

It Always Comes Together Needless to say, when we finally board our flight, and I did actually manage to get everything done in time, and we are on our way, I take a breath and thank God! He is the only one that carries me day in and day out. I literally think I would have been crazy by now if it wasn't for Him! His peace! His love and the joy He brings to my existence. So, when things are too much, and it feels like you are never going to get to the top, just add a dash of God! Eventually we all get there! Whichever way we do it, it's so much more peaceful with God added to the picture. I must learn to have less faith in lists and more faith in God.

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