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What doesn't kill you....

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

You know sometimes we can be so organized and so ready, we can have all our ducks in a row with perfect planning but then just one small hurdle can throw all our ducks over board, and while you try save one duck, another goes under. This is life, it happens to all of us. We run, then we fall, we get up and we run again..... until we fall.....

After so many months (I don’t know I lost count) of moments like these, I feel like I’m becoming a pro at dealing with unforeseen circumstances and situations. Those moments or days that you just wish never happened. Those days where you wish you can hide forever!

Here’s what I have learnt -

-  Live each day in the moment, the bad days don’t last forever and God has given us an end to each day. See it as a blessing.

- Don’t think about tomorrow, or even how you will get out of bed... when the sun rises, you will get out of bed and you will be able to face whatever it is you need to face because this is how God carries us.

- How? One foot in front of the other. Small steps, one at a time. Keep it like that.... don’t step out of bed and worry about a meeting at lunch time. Only focus on your next step.

- Be brave, lift your face and walk under God’s grace. If He is your protector then nothing, no person, no situation can ever ruin you.

- Keep the joy! If your shoulders are hanging you forgot to find the silver lining. Every single time I felt so down and under, God sent a miracle. He is a God that cares, He loves us. Look around you, find something that brings you joy!

- Fight the fight with yourself, for yourself. I’ve had many conversations with myself to myself.... one motivating me and the other one trying to brake me down. DONT ALLOW THE OTHER YOU TO WIN!!!

- Give thanks, no matter what..... be thankful! Know that what you have or where you are already forms part of the picture God has planned for you. Be grateful you are learning, even in difficult times.

- Trust, always trust. This is hard, especially when doubt steps in but it is totally doable and once you learn to look past doubt you will see that faith sort of kicks into auto gear.

I still have a lot to learn but I know I have learnt the things I know due to tuff and hard times, not because it’s always going well. Lessons learnt during difficult times are lessons learnt well done ✔️ and once you get through, once you get to the other side of the problem you realize you are so much stronger but even more so when you find your strength in God.

Don’t let “difficult times” hold you back or even define you as a person! It has nothing on YOU, walk through it and embrace it. Lift your head high and believe that God has something valuable waiting for you at the finish line of your race.

I know it’s not always easy, life is not always perfect, but if we find our strength and joy in the Lord we can make it through anything. Allow God to carry you. ❤️

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