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We can learn from children! 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Reunited with a group of kids today that I love and care for deeply. Spending time with these kids, hearing their stories and teaching them means the world to me.

Sometimes I wonder if they even take any of the lessons in and if they even hear me, but I am hopeful that one day some of these little things I say and teach them will come to good use.

Back at home after a lesson I can hardly see any changes in behavior in my own children but I do know if I continue to say and teach the same things over and over, it will eventually stay with them.

That's the beauty of life, anyone and everyone is teachable, the important thing is what we are taught and we we teach.

I sometimes wonder why I even try fit another thing into my schedule but then, after each Sunday morning with these kids I know why and I feel an inner peace about the dedication I made 19 months ago.

Children are so innocent and real. They don't hide anything, and say exactly what it is and how it is. I love that about children. Sometimes it can bite you right in the bum but it's what makes them so priceless.

If this is where God wants me, I will devote my next 19 years to children, teaching them about God and how to be more like God.

The beauty of it all is, they teach me more than what I could ever teach them. God gave me this so that I can learn ❤️

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