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Waiting on You Lord.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Instead of packing I decided to share something. I can always finish later.

We’ve lived a very blessed life, and when I say blessed I mean God has always been apart of our journey and our guide. January 2016 looked so good, better than ever before and we were positive about our future. A bright one I must add. This only lasted for two months when what seems like the entire world turned against us.

March was the first mountain and although it didn’t seem like much at the time it landed up being one of those mountains you get over a hill and see it’s not over yet, there’s more to climb. I clearly remember hitting May, almost feeling completely defeated and outrun by the enemy. I had questions like, but why LORD? I think luckily for me our world came down so quickly that there wasn’t much time for anger and resentment, it was either fight for survival or die.

One storm after the other, as soon as we thought things couldn’t go any worse, it did. Something changed in me during this time, I became a warrior.... a warrior of faith and prayer. I found strength deep down inside myself that I never knew existed. It wasn’t always easy though, I had to choose it. There were days where I clearly remember questioning GOD and not knowing whether I was strong enough for the day ahead. God pulled me through and through my strength and his personal relationship with our Savior my husband pulled through. I remember nights where we had no words, just complete silence but together and I remember nights where we sat up till long after midnight trying to encourage each other. We never stopped believing and we never lost hope and faith. We even had our dream nights where we saw a bright future.

Then came 2017 and the storms calmed, they were still there but we learnt to deal with it and we learnt to put our complete trust in God. I was sitting here thinking about where we were a year ago and immediately felt gratitude from my heart. I am not where I was a year ago, I am so much closer to the promises of GOD. It’s been kind of a long year. It’s like GOD took us over the highest craziest mountains ever and when we crossed them one by one this year HE just left us there to be still. He’s taken the prize and placed it in front of us but He hasn’t given it to us YET. He wants to wait. He wants us to process. He wants us to reflect. He wants us to see where we’ve been and where He is taking us.

Lessons learnt well, important lessons and I personally think He couldn’t advance us to the next level until we completely understand the true meaning of trust. Now we wait, as my husband says every day; “let me go do the possible while GOD is doing the impossible.” Our promise land is in front of us but if you asked me in January 2016 what the future looked like it would have been a complete different story. Sometimes God takes us to places, not to punish us, not to harm us, not to kill our dreams, but instead to give us hope, prepare us for dreams we never imagined and to get to a stand still with Him so we don’t loose focus and what’s really important.

If you are in a place where you don’t understand, reach out to God instead of questioning Him. He is our provider, our Father, our protector, our strength and our true source of love. God has the perfect plan for everyone but for a perfect plan we have to be prepared and we have to be ready. Appreciate the time when God puts you in “limbo” because He is out there busy preparing the fields for you while you are waiting on GOD.

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