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Twinkle toes to school shoes!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

This week has officially taken me by surprise. I’m so emotional! I mean, I’ve done this so many times before, yet I’m struggling!

First my baby went to school on Monday and today my second princess is going to grade 1! When and where did all this happen so fast? She was born just the other day! When did she grow so fast?

Being number two of four kids in less than five years made her the one that grew the fastest. I’m not even sure if there’s a calculation for this but I’m sure this is more or less right. I think back and all I see is Flash. A blink of an eye.

Dear Roxy,

You never seem to surprise me, your ambition is one of a kind. I admire your will power and your determination. You are not afraid of anything!

But I know you deep deep down, I’ve seen the inside of your soul. You are soft en gentle, you love unconditionally and you care for others around you.

Today you are going to big school and I know you are super excited! I know you want to be the best at everything but just so you know, you are already perfect in my eyes. My boundary child, one on one time child, you keep me company no matter what I do. You are always next to me, helping me. You always ‘worry’ about mommy. Thank you for being my little helper! Thank you for being my right hand.

Your beautiful confidence makes you shine and I see a bright bright future for you ahead! Your big brown eyes sees the world completely different than others. Enjoy your first day of school, you have waited so long for this big day! May God be your guidance and your best friend always. I can’t wait to see you shine! I’m so proud to be your mommy! I love you.

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