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To do list!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

My head is spinning from all the things on my to do list and then there is that wish list and then there is the want to list! Where to start and where to wait...... What to do now and what to leave until later.

I feel like or actually wish I could clone myself, split myself in half and send each half into a different direction.

What happened to the days where we just sat at home and played all day. Where there was no difference between a Monday and a Saturday? Every day was a good day, every day was a "take it as it comes" day. I realize things have changed drastically and life is no longer just simple.

I am thankful that I have things to do and people to do things for but I miss those coffee dates and long chats with good soul friends, I miss having a clear schedule on a Monday and planning only a week ahead. Now my calendar is full even before the month starts and I don't even have a job!

I just pray that God will open the eyes of my heart so that I can see Him, and follow His plan. I don't want to get so lost in my own plans that I miss the bigger picture. I don't want to loose focus on the plan God has for my life and not follow whatever plan I think God has for my life.

How does a person not loose sight of the cross? How do we stay focused all the time so that we can get to the end of this journey and say "I did it, through Christ who strengthened me!"

I will keep my eyes on the Bible and pray that God will guide me, daily, every moment! I don't just want to do what He planned for me, I want to do it perfect to ultimately glorify His name. I know I am human and I know I will make many mistakes, every day but I also know I serve a God who offers grace and that is enough for me to keep trying my best to be a better me tomorrow. And this is not about me, it's about the plans He has for me, to not leave here with unfinished business.

I'm not perfect but my God is ❤️

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