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Time to Spread Your Wings.

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Mixed emotions happening here today. With all the emotions I decided to skip gym and just spend my last morning with the boys before school. Nika was born in 2009 and ever since that day I’ve always had a baby or more at home. It’s so many years later and for the first time I’ll be dropping all my kids every day.

I’m sad in a way because it’s the end of an era for me. My family is growing up and this is where it starts to go fast. I’ve seen with Nika, once they go to school their time no longer belongs to you. No more little cuddles in the mornings, no more giggles or playing cars. My little companion will be gone and I’ll always feel a little lonely in the beginning. I’m going to miss him so much!

On the plus side, I’m sure my mornings will double in time. Where it use to take me 20 minutes to get into a shop it will now take me 20 minutes to complete my shopping.

Now starts a new year with new routines and new adventures. I can hardly believe the time has gone so quick. No more babies. As I’m walking away from my past 9 years I feel gratitude in my heart, for being able so spend so much time with each of my kids, for being able to be their steady the first three or four years of their lives and I know I made the most of it, although it hasn’t always been easy.

Dear Kelvin, my little boy.

Today mommy has to let go, not because I want to but because it’s time for you to spread your own wings and leave the nest for short moments at a time. Although I’ll drop you every day, I will always be back to fetch you, I’ll always think of you, I’ll always wonder what you are doing and who you are playing with, and I will always miss you. I am so grateful you are mine and now as you step into the world and become a little boy I pray you find God’s voice in this loud world, I want everything that is good and pure for you. Let the world become your oyster, grow and become a man of God. I will always be your mommy. You are in good hands. Enjoy your new friends. Gosh I’m so proud of you! You brought healing to my once broken heart, your gentle spirit makes you strong and your individuality makes you mysteriously interesting. I love you my big boy. Thank you for being my best little friend the past 2 years. I love you x

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