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This perfect world 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

This was written on Monday when we woke up to a very wet cold town:

I look outside my bedroom window and see dark heavy skies. When I woke up this morning the grass was white, not thick snow but ice, the small rose trees are bending with the wind, everything is wet and the angels are playing drums in the sky.

Although it is freezing, I love it. This weather brings a sense of warmth and cosiness to the house. The smell of freshly grounded coffee fills the house and tonight we will have mushroom and chicken soup…. hopeful I don't mess it up :)

The fact that God really thought of everything when He created us really blows my mind. He made sure we never get board. He made sure when we tired of winter, we get sumer. When we are tired of wet fields, it changes to dry fields. Its not day all the time but also not night all the time. Its not only work all week there is also rest. He made life interesting without us really noticing these small things, yet these small things have huge detail and influence on our day to day life.

I feel grateful this morning as I sit here and write and feel like He reminded me this morning to always say thank you. Even the small things unnoticed like a slight weather change was part of His big master plan and even this morning deserves a thank you. I want to make sure I thank God for this beautiful place we are living in.

He really is the God of all, and I understand why even the stars bow to Him.

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