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The moment we surrender! 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Sometimes in life things happen that we don't always understand. Things that we didn't plan for. Things that we thought could never happen to us. I believe in those situations most of the times its God trying to teach us something.

When we decided to start with a family, I thought it was a question of leaving the pill and a couple of months later a baby. Unfortunately God wanted to teach me something and things didn't work out that easy.

After 3 years of very difficult times, many different hormonal treatments, a marriage that took strain because of this BIG thing in my life that just wasn't happening, 2 operations and eventually writing off my car, I finally fell pregnant with my first baby.

3 weeks before that very special morning in February 2009 I fell down on my knees on the bathroom floor one night and completely surrendered my situation to God. I can honestly say I felt the weight lift of my shoulders. I can't tell you exactly what took me to that moment, I just know it was that moment that God was waiting for. It was that moment He needed me to reach. He planned for it. I understood for the first time really in my life that life and death is not in our hands. Life can only be given by God! Only He can breath life into our lives and if the time is not right, the time is not right.

I know now God's timing was perfect and I wouldn't have it any other way. That broken girl was to walk a path to find her God in a way that wasn't possible otherwise. So I believe God has His ways to reach out to us. Not in the same way with everyone but everyone gets a turn. We all go through something, maybe more than once or twice but He reaches out.

He just gently reminds us who is actually in control and who is actually King of all! He gently takes our hands and changes the direction of our lives and thoughts. He gives us a different vision and a new energy that can only come from Him.

It's not nice, hardship, pain, loss, sickness, infertility..... You name it, it's never nice! But if you are a child of God then it's there to take us on a journey! Not because He doesn't love us, but because He loves us and He wants better for us! He thinks bigger than what we can ever imagine and our wildest dreams are a dot compared to His dreams for our lives!

Here I am today, 4 healthy beautiful children, all given to me naturally without science and with gaps that not I, but God chose. Biggest gifts in my life!

God knows your heart and He hears your prayers. All He asks is for patience and faith. He will take care of the rest ❤️

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