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Thankful heart

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Tonight as I switch off my lights to go to bed I thank God for good friends in our lives. We had such a busy day today and through all the busyness, I feel like we were always surrounded by real people.

We live in a world where it is not always possible to know whether conversations are real or fake, friendships are real or fake, relationships are real or fake...... But tonight I had a real day with real people. All different people at different moments but real!

Knowing that we have a real hearts people in our lives are amazing! It's a blessing and I pray that everyone has someone real in their lives. Again we come to the same point where I say people come and go but some will stay forever and it is those forever friends and family that that help you carry weight and sometimes even pick you up and carry you when you are down and can't go anymore.

I want to always be surrounded by what is real. I want to always be surrounded by what is true. I want to always be surrounded by what is sincere and if I ever go off this path I pray that God will pull me back on this path of real people.

Thank you Lord that you have given me a heart that seeks truth of what's real. Thank you that I live in a world where there are still so many people like me, where we can just be who we are, right there where we are. Thank you Lord that I don't ever have to pretend and that I love where I am and who I am.

These simple things in life brings so much joy to my heart. I am thankful tonight and even more so grateful.

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