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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

My hands are like jelly today! Actually my entire arm but especially my for arms! It's crazy! I went to boxing today, and it was insane! 5 minutes into it I was already half dead! I honestly have no idea how I made it. For the rest of the day I was done! Imagine a jelly girl..... That was me 😱

My favorite trainer told us a story on Tuesday about the oldest lady that ever lived. She was French of cause, and turned 122 years old. She did not have the best diets, with a non alcoholic non smoking life, in fact she did all these things.

God says if we live to be 70 we have had a blessed life and she went almost double! Can you imagine what she was like at 70? Probably most of us at 40! This story really inspired me, not because I want to turn 122 or brake her record but because I see hope in old age.

It's so scary to see when our loved ones become old and helpless, struggling the last few years of their lives! I believe we can, if we start young with a good balanced life, get to the end with some stamina. I know life is about work, stress, pay the bills, get the kids big, worry about them and the world we sending them into..... Keeping up with the Kardashians BUT we need to learn, we need to teach ourselves to relax more, take things easier, breath deeper and exhale, we need to come to a still stand more than once a day, and just lift our heads to the sky. Let the sun bake on our faces, let the world run past while we stand, just for a minute and then carry on!

Stress is a killer and causes so many different types of diseases .... It can take over your mind and it can destroy your each and every day. With or without stress, the outcome is always the same, so relax and take one step at a time! Plan a holiday, make life interesting and learn to STOP!

My advice is let go and let God....... I want to have a good life towards the end but that starts now, here and today!

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