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Snakes & Ladders

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Truth.... As moms we work and we work and we work some more but it almost feels (and I am sure I am speaking for every single mom out there) like everything we do is in vain. ‘Emphasis on the word FEEL’ According to my loving husband none of this is true but I have to share MY “feelings” here today.

- Nothing is appreciated. - No one really understands. (Well in and between the people we want to understand) - No one sees the real struggles. - The real tears. - The hurt. - The pain. - The fights. - The begging. - The worries.

The thing is though, because we are moms and because we do everything out of 100 % unconditional love and again because we always want what’s best for our tribe we never stop, we never give up, we never lie down, we never turn out the lights...... we are always on the look out like a guard from the Buckingham Palace. We watch and we wait, even if nothing happens, we are ready!

We spend hours on our knees doing more than just praying, we are pleading with God, we spend every free minute we have in the car talking to God about the “what am I suppose to do Lord?” And “no one has ever told me .....” We try uplift our own spirits by listening to praise and worship when no one else is hacking the radio or watching TV so loud that we can hardly hear ourselves think. We fill our own cups with the Spirit as kids on the go with quick snacks here and there. Once our cups get half full, we have energy to move forward and fight the next battle. Not long after that we find ourselves drained and empty again..... it’s almost like the board game, snakes and ladders. Then you up, then you down, you never know when you might hit a snake or when you might strike a luck and hit a ladder. Throwing the dice, hoping and trusting that the next step will lead to victory, even if it is just an answer to one small prayer we had.

I want to encourage you today to not always give into your feelings. Don’t fall for the lies of the enemy. I know God hears my cries, I know He sees my fears, I believe His grace has me and my tribe covered, and yes all the time. He knows I’m just a mom, trying to raise four beautiful kids (his kids) in a world full of “the bad stuff!”

There is only one thing I can keep doing and that is to do the possible while God will do the impossible.

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