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Prima Top Toy Launch - Christmas In July

Prima Happy I was invited to the Prima Top Toy Christmas launch and it was fantastic. It was like Christmas in July and I felt like a kid again.

On Arrival We were welcomed at the door and were given our name tags. I had no idea it was going to be so big! They went all out. Beautifully decorated tables with a fun Carnival theme. Just what the doctor ordered. Once I stepped out to the back I was amazed by all the time and effort gone into this event. We were entertained like kids. It was like a real Carnival. With a glass of Champaign in my hand I found my special friend Jax who also celebrated her birthday on that day. It wasn't long before I saw all the others from the SA Bloggers Cafe and everything was just perfect.


blogging buddies. We all speak the same language.

Let The Games Begin - Prima Top Toys They introduced all the new toys for Christmas 2018. Can you believe that we are heading towards Christmas already? I saw so many cute and cool stuff for my kids and can't wait to start shopping.

For The Boys

Fingerlings Dino Velociraptor As a mom of boys I really got excited about some of the stuff. Girls has such cute dolls and toys and often find the boys are left behind on the sideline. Not this year. My absolute favorite for boys were the little boy fingerlings. My girls each has one and now my boys can join in on the fun.


VR Real Feel Reality Simulator When my boy went through my phone and saw the pictures I took of the VR Real Feel Reality Simulator games he went crazy! He wanted all of them for his coming up birthday. I especially liked the Motocross one, as it is something we enjoy as a family. We are not big on games at home and we don't have Playstation or an X-Box but I think this might be the first step towards that world. Can't wait to see how this works.

Robotics We also love Robotics and have a couple of cool stuff already. I loved the Robot Chameleon but maybe thats just because I love Chameleons. My kids have so much fun with these Robots and when the batteries die, I have to replace it. It never gets old. Boys and girls enjoy this.


Here are some other cool Boy Toys to look at and add to your Christmas list.

For The Girls Obviously being a girl myself I always find the girl toys so fascinating. I sometimes wish I was a little girl again.

Collectables My eldest daughter loves collectables. If you name it, she has it or desires it. Even if it's just one. I just love these little Doorables from Disney. Behind every door a little Disney character hides. I think it's just adorable. Take note of the new range in the Shopkin Collectables with the launch of season nine. The new and improved Small Mart Range. I can just imagine how much fun the girls will have with these. Definitely on our Christmas shopping list. Let's not forget the new and crazy totally in love LOL Surprise collectables. My eldest absolutely loves opening these and can take her up to twenty minutes to explore and enjoy every step of the way. Watch this space as they will be launching a few more LOL Surprises like the Pearl Surprise, Bigger Surprise and Underwraps in September. Have you seen this cute Cake Pop? We don't have any of these YET but I am sure once the girls find out about it, it will become a "must have!" Inside each Cake Pop you will find a little pet surprise inside.

Little Live Pets These little pets have been part of our family for a long time now. My daughter is a huge animal lover and once I started buying her these pets she stopped asking for the real thing. I see this as a mom win. They launched new pets to the family like the Lil' Cutie Pups who fetches a ball, its to die for. Also part of the collection is the Little Live Pets Surprise Dragon only this time around it can hatch and hatch and hatch again. They've also launched the new Little Live Pets Baby, and believe it or not, there's a Unicorn!

Here are some other cool girl toys to look at and add to your Christmas List.

Toddler Toys My kids are finally over the toddler stage, this after years and years of having babies and Todds in the house.

Here are some cool Toddler toys to add to you Christmas shopping list.

You Must Check This Out This was a weird looking toy but stole the heart of my friend. She posted it on Facebook and the post went viral. Check out how she saw this pink little adoptive pet and why it is something to add to your Christmas shopping list. Go browse their website for more toys, new launches and information. You can also follow them on Social Media, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

One Last Thing - Mickey Mouse Is Turning 90 In November!

So from me, Mom Just Saying, Happy Birthday Mickey!!!

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