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Prayer Warrior

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

When you become a wife at first you realize it's not just a fairytale but actually hard work. Two people from completely different back grounds must now live together in unity. It's not easy and a lot of times walking out seems like the best way to go. Just easier for everyone.

Then comes the children and you realize being a mom is also not a fairytale! It entitles long nights, tired days, teaching, loosing yourself in routine and chaos, loosing complete focus of where you were on your way too.

Both these things, marriage and children are the biggest blessings you can have but most importantly enjoy! God has really been speaking to me about prayer and faith this year and He is not letting go. There is definitely a lesson to be learnt here for me. The power of prayer is incredible, I have seen things happen in our lives that has only been covered by prayer. Best of all, the outcome is Godly, it's the best outcome you could ever dream of.

So a funny thing happened yesterday, I was asked by my sister in-law if I ever watched the movie, WAR ROOM, and I never so she explained to me it's a motivational movie about prayer. It felt like God is again knocking on my door with the same thing He's been talking to me about, so I had to go get the movie and watch it. So worth watching and today I can honestly say I will pray even more intense, even better than yesterday. Our husbands and kids need our prayer, not our judgement or constant braking down of character.

Do yourself a favor and watch this movie, and become a prayer warrior for your family. Prayer is what protects us while we going to our destination and faith is what gets us to our destination.

In Christ we can move mountains!

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