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Pray even when you don't feel like it!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

My question is, how do you get yourself out of a mood? I mean let's face it, we all have our days where we are more moody than other days. With moody I mean anything from just being irritated all the way to the cold shoulder for days. It can take the smallest thing to get you to this point and when you ask yourself but why am I even upset or annoyed, you can't even answer. The only answer you can come up with is the 1000 little things that's been annoying you, but kept your mouth shut and walked away. Those thoughts can grow bigger and bigger in your mind and dangerously take over an entire day which can turn into days or even weeks.

I think the secret lies in communication. Communication of all sorts! Verbal, body language, facial expressions, the way we listen, the way we carry forth our own irritations and problems, the way we disagree and most importantly the way we respect each other. If we want to communicate with each other we have to take all these things in consideration. If we don't we will get to a point where one person gets fed up! There will always be disagreements in a marriage, no 2 people can live together an entire life time and agree on absolutely everything.

If communication is not a possibility, then prayer is the only hope. The power of prayer is so big, our minds cannot comprehend it. God can change people through prayer and who knows, sometimes..... Well a lot of times, He even changes our own hearts. Prayer is so powerful that we see things happen and change right in front of our own eyes, and maybe it doesn't always happen immediately but persistency in prayer will pay off. God wants us to be happy, He wants us to live a good solid life full of joy. He wants us to have joy even when we feel irritated or any other negative emotion. All God asks from us is that we talk to Him and ask Him to take over the steering wheel of our lives. He will bring changes to your life that you would never have thought. He will open doors in areas where you didn't even know doors existed!

All He asks is for patience .......

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