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Our Childhood Dreams and God’s Purpose

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Life can work out in many different ways. I had different childhood dreams for myself. Growing up I always knew what I didn't want but was unsure of what I did want. As I grew older I knew more what I wanted until I hit that "I hate everything" stage, otherwise known as “the teenage years”.

Needless to say that when my hormones settled down and I became more pleasant and easier to live with, I knew more or less where I was heading. I always had a plan A and a plan B. Just so you know I am living plan A, my childhood dream. That's a story for another day.

Having Dreams

It's nice to have dreams and goals. It's even nicer to reach those dreams and achieve those goals. Whether it be within yourself or in a job, it doesn't matter. We all know when we have reached a certain satisfaction in life. I think it's human to always want more, aim higher, climb the ladder, but deep down we know when we have achieved our childhood dream. For many of us it takes years to reach the point of satisfaction. For some, well it comes quick and easy. It doesn't matter how we get there or when we get there, I think the point is that we do get there.

God's Purpose We all have a purpose and we are all here for a reason, or so I believe. The one thing in life that scares me the most is if I miss that purpose, that one thing that God created me for. What if I miss it? While living our everyday life, living the dream and the blessed life we live in, we need to remember to stand still at times and be still! If we don't do that, we won't hear God's voice and without His voice in our lives we might not hear God purpose. Living a dream that is also God's dream is certainly the perfect picture to me.

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