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Oh my word!!!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I seriously got to some point yesterday where I was asking myself: “girl, how in the world are you still standing?” While I felt all this discomfort I had a photoshoot for 2 new products and I launched it! Three of my four kids were home sick! I sorted 30 t-shirts (painted their names one by one and untied all the ties after tie dying their shirts! Sunday school concert) My oldest daughter has a test week, I managed to study with her and got her to her music lesson but forgot my sons maths (although he was sick in my defense.) I baked with the kids because I felt sorry for them..... shame they not feeling well and I managed to feed them when supper time came. At that point I just .... I don’t know wanted to go book myself into hospital. My husband left the continent and I never saw him arrive or come to bed.... single parenting is not for “sissies!” I never get sick!!!! Like ever!!!! My entire family got swine flue once and I was nursing them for 3 weeks by myself (domestic worker also got it) and I never got sick..... this time I guess was just one of those times where it’s my turn.

So to get back to the question I asked myself: “Girl, how are you still standing?” Well, because I’m a mom first and far most, this is what we do, we stand but more importantly because when I can’t anymore, then God takes over. He gives me strength in ways that normally wouldn’t be possible. He carries me through the valley of death (exactly how I’m feeling) and eventually I know I’ll find the green pastures. I mean I haven’t been sick in ages.... I think once a year is okay. (I really mustn’t complain) So now the road to recovery (without antibiotics because I banned it from my house) and then complete the week strong and God willingly on a high note! Until then.... I’m taking it easy, or easier although I was up at 4:10am this morning for our weekly family prayer meeting - I figured it’s the one thing I can really do with right now.

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