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New Years Resolutions

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

To Do List 2020

1. Love My SkinGive this old skin some love with maybe a couple of facials, some new products and loads more of those home masks. I’m not getting younger and neither is my skin.

2. Just OrganizedOut with the old saying “organized chaos” that will become my was me, I want to be just plain organized this year. I used to be that person before the kids and they are all big enough now to fall back into my good old habits.

3. TimeI want to create something I can’t buy with money..... more time. I want to make it my point to own my time. Time with my loved ones. Time with myself.

4. Get Out ThereI have got to get out more. More dates. Dates with my man. One on one dates with my kids. Family dates. Any kind of date to create more quality time spent with the people I love most.

5. Give When God Says GiveI want to give more. I am so blessed and have so much. I want to give more to those in need. I want to listen to my heart. I want to be obedient to God in this area.

6. GodGod. I want more God. God time, prayer time, just more of God. I believe if this one thing is in place, everything else will fall into place automatically.

7. See The Seconds TickI want to be less busy. I’m tired of running around. I want to live. I want to embrace every day. I want to see the seconds tick, not the days fly.

8. TravelTravel.... I want to go anywhere as long as it’s on a plane and can make good memories with my family. And if I can have two, I’d like to do another awesome road trip with my kids.

9. Get FitI have got to get fit again! I might have climbed Kilimanjaro, but I’ve done absolutely nothing since! It’s time to gain strength and fitness.

10. Eat HealthyEating habits, not for weight loss but for a better lifestyle. I remember when I did my eight week detox, I felt absolutely amazing and I want to feel like that again. It was only food. Food to fuel me.

11. SleepI want to sleep a little more. The kids are big now and I haven't slept properly in ten years. It's time to fall back into routine with afternoon couch naps, late mornings when we can and early nights. I definitely need to train myself in this area. I need more sleep. And that’s that. That’s what I want for myself for 2020. I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want to waist any more time. I want the days to count and the memories to pile up!

One WishIf someone told me I could have one wish for 2020 and maybe my fairy god mother sees my heart, I have one thing I'd really love to do in 2020. I would love to go visit my friend whom I miss so much in the UK. Even if it’s just for five days. I need some Carly in my life.

Happy New YearHappy new year to all my followers. Thank you for your support, love and positive vibes. I love what I do and it's all because you guys make it worth it for me. Wishing you the absolute best year, and may all your wildest dreams come true. ❤️

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