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Neuro Vance, Sent From Heaven

When Lightning Struck I wasn't too worried about her this year. Surely it gets easier and easier as they get older. Little did I know I would face a tunnel of darkness that would fill my entire being with fear and worry. The kind that only a mother can understand.

I'm not blind, but I choose to focus on the silver lining In Grade One I was called in early in the year, gosh it could have been January already. When her teacher told me she lives in her own world, I could totally see it. Since she was one year old I could put her in the corner where ever I was and she would keep herself busy with whatever she could get her hands on. She would go off into her own little world and have the adventure of a lifetime. I immediately took her to be tested by an occupational therapist and results showed that she's a dreamer (right brain) and had a bit of separation anxiety when it came to me. We had nothing to worry about and she just needed to drink Omega Oils every day. I immediately started her on Eye Q and the results were amazing. She coped perfectly fine and the tablets had no negative effects on her diet or her personality. We continued with the Eye Q in Grade Two, and as with the first year she coped very well. She did however struggle to adjust to her new environment at the beginning of the year but after about a month she was used to her new teacher and the new friends in her class.

God works in mysterious ways We were going to Grade Three, and this time I wasn't worried at all. I mean I now had to shift my focus to the new little Grade One girl in the house. Within a week I noticed a repeat in her pattern and realized for the first time in her eight years, she doesn't cope well with change. How could I have missed this? About a week later I got a call from a friend, and she told me about a product - Neuro Vance. She needed my assistance to get hold of our school. As she was explaining the product, I was interested to hear more! She sent me a sample on the same day. Like I said, God works in mysterious ways, at this stage I didn't even know what was coming. Later that same week the new teacher asked me to take my daughter for an eye test. She was struggling to copy correctly from the whiteboard to her books. I immediately booked an appointment. Fortunately it turned out  that there was no problem with her eyes.  As only happens with a mom, fear saw the gap and played funny mind games with me. I just have to say that I am so blessed with friends who are so supportive and without them this journey would have been so much harder. One of my dear friends practices as a psychiatrist and she referred me to another occupational therapist. I again did not wait, I immediately made the appointment and before I knew it I was waiting outside the building for two hours. Honestly, I just tried to keep myself busy, because your mind can become your worst enemy.  Results showed that she had visual concentration problems and in that moment my entire body just went numb. I had so many questions, questions I did not have the answers to. In my mind I had all the classic Mom Guilt thoughts racing through my mind. Things like:-

  1. My poor child has to work so much harder to get the marks she's been getting, and I never knew.

  2. How could I have missed this as a mother?

  3. How can she move forward?

  4. Where did I go wrong?

  5. What kind of a mother doesn't see this? As we drove home I had to control my emotions. I felt like crawling into bed and crying for days. I wanted to just hold her in my arms and love her till the end of times. I wanted to protect her with every ounce of life inside me. I wanted to break down. My heart was broken. Not because of the visual concentration, but because I didn't know. I disappointed myself. As we walked into the house I saw the box! It was as if God placed it right there for me to see. My next step was to call my friend the psychiatrist but instead I prayed. I couldn't carry the load by myself. I needed to hear from God that I am not a slave to fear! God works in mysterious ways. 

My next step! On the same day I told my friend to check her mail, she'll be receiving the complete report on the test. A couple of days later I was informed that it would be best to start her on a five day Ritalin trial. By this time I already started praying for the battle ahead, I already started her on the new pills by faith and when I asked my friend if we could first try this, she agreed and said "Sure, let's try it for two weeks and see what happens." Praise God, I was so happy. I informed her teacher about the plan of action and she agreed to keep a close eye for me. After only seven days her teacher could see a huge improvement and after the two week trial period she was moved from the front of the class and her teacher assured me she is a different child. Even her hand writing improved. Just the move from the front of the class was such a huge confidence boost for my daughter and I could see the sparkle in her eyes. Kids wonder, they ask questions and all we want to do is "protect!"

Neuro VanceNeuro Vance was sent to us from Heaven. I have no doubt about this. My friend phoned me on the exact right day with the exact right message long before I even knew. God used her as an instrument.

Independent research has shown that the individual plant-derived ingredients contained within this unique blend may help to support healthy brain function.NeuroVance contains a blend of plant-derived (phytochemical) ingredients that have the potential to support healthy brain function via multiple pathways. Its multi-modal pharmaceutical action is achieved through its ability to enhance separate but interconnected components of brain function, thereby giving your brain a physiological advantage during demanding and stressful periods. The ingredients contained in NeuroVance are roseroot extract, inositol, magnesium and zinc. I reduced her Eye Q intake per day to only one per day, and added one Neuro Vance tablet per day at night. This is what I did. It made no changes to her normal behaviour, her diet or her activeness. Their suggested dosage are:
  1. Starting dose:  2 tablets 2 times a day with meals.

  2. Maintenance dose: 1 – 2 tablets 2 times a day with meals. Neuro Vance was the light in my dark emotional tunnel and it could be your answer as well. My daughter does so well at school, but I am so happy I found something that can help her cope with the workload, the speed they work at, and her emotional well being. I would definitely recommend Neuro Vance. My doctor friend also told me that she is a "big fan" of Neuro Vance, and I can see why. You can shop online here for all your Neuro Vance products and have it delivered to your door. You can also contact MNI Life Style (Medical Nutritional Institute) for any queries or concerns.

He is my refuge and my strength I was completely overwhelmed by the news at first and although fear crept in, I knew to go straight to God. Now I look back and I see how He worked with a plan from the beginning and everything was in place long before I entered the tunnel. I realise even more so today, that He has my back. Every step in every way through every day. He is my refuge and my strength.

RG (7)
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