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My Personal Journey.... finishing strong 2017

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Part 1

I am so blessed and if I was someone else looking at my life I would definitely look at me and think “lucky girl.”

We had a wonderful four week and one day holiday where I completely rested my soul and slowed down. It was so good! I am truly grateful for this time we had as a family. As wonderful as our holiday was I have to add a but and share a couple of stories with you.

My husband spent nearly no time with us on holiday. It wasn’t planned it just worked out like that in the end. As much as I enjoy the company of my four kids, I really miss him when he’s not with us. I’ve been patient and understanding not because I’m a saint wife but because God told me to be patient. I’ve slipped up here and there, maybe had a couple of words in but mostly tried to just be patient and supportive.

The road trip to Cape Town was a breeze, I’ve done it so many times I can ride it with my eyes closed. Even arriving in Cape Town by now is no biggy, I have the kids trained well and they all know how to help mommy unpack the car. Slowly but surely I’m becoming more confident, maybe too confident with our trailer (a story for another day 🤭) and can slip it into small spaces and even reverse it if I’m parked straight enough.

After one week my mom joined us for six days and it was wonderful to have some adult company. In the 23 nights we spent in the Western Cape my husband was only able to join us for 2 nights.

We missed him so much but with this I want to add something I feel I learnt during this time. Sometimes it’s better to take what you can get in a moment because sometimes God is doing His best work when we feel left out. God gave me absolute peace about him not being able to just be with us, and it was tuff at times, I even had moments where I had to bite my tongue but we were blessed with such a beautiful holiday and although my better half wasn’t there all the time, we had a wonderful time and God placed me in a place where I could rest but more importantly connect with Him and be with Him.

It’s so easy to feel defeated. It’s so easy to look at the dark cloud in front of you. It’s easy to say what you feel. It’s easy to be mad and stay angry and walk around miserable. It’s easy to sit in a corner and feel sorry for yourself. The thing is none of these easy steps will bring you joy or even peace. If you choose to do the harder things, things God requires from us like turning the cheek and keeping quiet you will find the silver lining around the dark cloud and you will find joy in a time where it seems impossible. Doing the right things are not easy but it brings something to your heart that no money can buy.

So I find myself at a place where I feel so much gratitude towards God because as always He is just there, my refuge and my strength. He leads us and guides us, He even finds little things to bring me joy and cheer me along.

This story to be continued ......

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