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Modern Wood Slat Wall - DIY

Another Homeschool Learning Process

Hi guys. We did it again!!!!!! And we LOVE ❤️ our new wall.

Modern Wood Slat Wall - DIY

But before we get started on this new wall, go check out the other wall we did on YouTube. You might just love it. • Easy DIY wall cla...

Remember I told you about the DIY small home renovations that we are doing as part of our homeschool lessons this year? Well, our second job is done! This job took us a little over 2 weeks and cost us less than R1000 ($50) but with that said we had a couple of boxes of old wooden floors and we decided to use that instead of spending money on wood.

The Hardest Part

The hardest part was doing it all while we were sick, but we did and and it turned out stunning. Dad is a champion, cutting all those slats into perfect pieces and making sure

we don't waist anything. So this means anyone and everyone can do this. Just plan the job, don't rush it and have some fun.

Here Is What We Used

👉 We did not remove any wall paper, we decided that is way too much work and effort. 👉 Barry did all the cutting himself, 40cm slats. He got 4 slats our of one floor board. He used a De Walt Rip Saw.

👉 We painted the sides black and once we were done we sanded it with a hand sander. (All the details are mentioned in the YouTube video)

👉 We attached the slats one by one from the back to a 6mm MDF Board from the back which we also painted black.

👉 We then took the two pieces and attached it to the wall with glue before hanging the TV in place again.

Questions & Answers

If you have any questions about this job, please pop us a question, I would be happy to help and answer any questions you have. You are also welcome to watch the complete video on our YouTube Channel and remember to subscribe. We will be sharing a lot more "fun" things soon.

More About Us

We are a South African homeschool family, always seeking adventures. We love to travel and explore. We've gone everywhere in South Africa and just love it!!! One mom and four kids are living life to the full, making the most of each moment we have together. Every day counts. Live in today, tomorrow is for tomorrow. 💥 Follow me and our homeschool adventures.

Check in with you guys soon again.

Much love



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