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Embracing Thirteen

A Letter to My Daughter

Teenage Roxy

My Dearest Roxy,

As I sit down to write you this letter on your thirteenth birthday, my heart is filled with emotions that are both joyful and nostalgic.

Thirteen years ago, you came into this world and filled our lives with an abundance of love, laughter, and immeasurable happiness. Today, as you officially step into your teenage years, I want to take a moment to let you know just how incredibly proud and grateful I am to be your mother.

Firstly, happy birthday, my beautiful girl! Thirteen is a significant milestone – a doorway to a new chapter filled with exciting adventures, self-discovery, and endless possibilities. I can hardly believe how quickly time has flown by, but looking at the amazing person you're becoming, I am filled with awe and admiration. (Must be my genes :)

As you start this journey through adolescence, I want you to know that this phase of life is a blank canvas waiting for your unique brushstrokes. You are a masterpiece in the making, a perfect God plan and every experience, every challenge, and every victory will contribute to the beautiful painting that is your life.

Courageous, resilient, strong, soft, meek and full of spirit – these are the qualities that define you. From the very beginning, you've faced the world with a bravery that has left me in awe. You go out there and you get it, you do it and when you can't you don't stop until you can. As you navigate the teenage years, remember that courage doesn't mean the absence of fear; it means facing fear head-on and pushing forward, even when it seems bigger than anything you've ever faced.

I want you to embrace everything about yourself – the strengths and the weaknesses, the victories and the setbacks. You are a unique and extraordinary individual, and it's essential to honor and love every part of who you are. Your courage lies not only in facing external challenges but also in accepting and embracing your own authentic self.

You will make and build new friendships, discover your true passions. Know that I am here for you, always with open arms and to listen, to give you guidance, and share in all your joys and sorrows.

Our mother-daughter bond is a special connection and nothing can ever take that from us.

If I can give you one piece of advice I want to give you is: venture into the teenage years and nurture your dreams. Follow your passions, work hard for what you want, and don't be afraid to dream big. Remember that each step you take towards your dreams is a step towards building the future you envision for yourself.

Roxy One Year Old

And while you will experience a lot of changes and growth, never forget the importance of kindness. Be kind to yourself, to others, and to the world around you. Kindness is a powerful force that can transform lives, including your own. Your compassionate heart is a gift from God, and I encourage you to let it shine brightly, making the world a better place one act of kindness at a time.

My dearest Roxy, as you celebrate your thirteenth birthday, know that you are cherished beyond measure. The journey ahead may be filled with twists and turns, but always remember that you are never alone. All of us here at home and your friends are here to support you, cheering you on as you lay down your very own yellow brick road.

May this year bring you abundant joy, exciting discoveries, and a deepening understanding of the incredible person you are becoming. Happy 13th birthday, my beautiful, courageous daughter! May your teenage years be as remarkable as you are.

With all my love,


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