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Back to School

Dear Moms,

As the vibrant summer holidays are over, and the anticipation of a new school year looms on the horizon, I find myself reflecting on the bittersweet beauty of all the moments.

For me it’s a first in a long time. Sending our kids back to school (homeschool Centre) marks the end of lazy mornings, different adventures, and the sweet symphony of their laughter echoing through my home.

While some of us know the excitement for the structured routine ahead, there's a tinge of nostalgia for me. I’ve had them for so many years, and never had to share the moments but by just one decision those days will become sand in an hour glass.

The house, once echoing with sloppy feet, moaning and groaning will now be hushed. The rooms, which witnessed countless games, long and sometimes very serious chats, and the friends from afar becoming one with us, will feel strangely empty.

As I get back into my car, waving goodbye to my daughters, the silence may be deafening at first but the kilometers per hour my mind will run is really unpredictable. And make no mistake, the tears will continue through out the week.

I’ll have two more to come home to and that for now, this moment is my exact saving grace because a mamma’s heart can only endure so much.

You girls will be missed but go and spread your wings!!! I look forward to see how you flourish and bloom.

You’ve given me so many years of friendship, fighting, teaching, growing and just being with each other. Might be weird but I like weird and I loved being your homeschool mom.

The joys of sleeping in is now over…. But it’s ok. We will survive. Cuddles, giggles and blankets when it’s rainy will just have to become our new weekends.

But amidst the quiet, let us find solace in the memories we've crafted during these wonderful blessed years we had.

The world waited patiently for you as you got ready to get out there and conquer it. The daily rituals that became the soundtrack of our lives, now replaced with the hurried hustle of early school routines.

So, here's to the moms bidding adieu to the carefree days of holiday, for me four years of homeschooling my four kids.  Embrace the quiet, but don't forget to celebrate the wins of laughter, the warmth of shared spaces, and the beauty of uninterrupted time together.

As they embark on a new school year, let us carry the spirit of summer into every season—infusing our days with love, joy, and the enduring magic of family.

With love,

A fellow mom

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