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Manic Monday!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I was woken by a little face just after 2am. He was scratching his little body all over and I jumped out of bed in a panic when I stroke my hand over his arms and felt the little bumps all over.

The early morning hours are really tough! Finding it really hard to open my eyes I found my way to the medicine cupboard in the kitchen. I looked down and found the little body next to me, just staring and scratching. I was worried!!! I grabbed a cream (gosh at that hour, any cream would do) and rubbed him everywhere. I filled his "milky" to the top and carried him back to my bed. It took me a while to fall asleep again - worry sneaked up on me. It felt like no more than 5 minutes when my alarm went off, gosh Mondays are the worst. Baby was fast asleep but I could see the terrible rash on the back of his arm sticking out the blanket. Worried, I made my way back to the kitchen and started my morning routine.

The doctor's verdict! As soon as it was a decent hour I called the doctor and made an appointment. We were there at 9:45am and waiting. Did I mention that we were waiting? About 40 minutes later and doing case studies of all the people in the waiting room we were called in. We were placed in an office and waited another 10 minutes. Now waiting with a three year old is no joke, but he was so good, which made me even more worried! Eventually and finally the doctor made his appearance. I explained the situation and he seemed worried when he saw Kelvin's arm. He quickly placed him on the bed and did a proper check up to make sure he wasn't missing anything. When I saw the grin on his face I knew something was coming that will make me smile, blush or embarrassed. (You know with kids this happens all the time.)  He politely asked me if Kelvin used any sort of under arm roll-on recently? And there it was! That "oooooh" and "ah ha" moment. Kelvin found a travel size mens roll-on last week and I saw him play with it. I left him to it, he wasn't doing any harm. How was I suppose to know?  His skin had an allergic reaction to the stuff and it landed up in a "mommy freaking out" kind of rash.

It's all good! Feeling relieved we went back home and on my way home I just chuckled to myself - God really has a good sense of humor and He really keeps me on my knees every day.

It's a Manic Monday! The rest of my day was a blur! I spent the entire afternoon up and down - taking kids to and from their school and other activities. I burnt supper due to being a "taxi mom" again, which is the worst because cooking is not my thing!

This child is killing me! Kelvin decided to hit the road and walked himself to his uncle's house without anyone noticing. Only when I received a call did I realise he wasn't home. He spent a good hour and a half there, just out right refused to come back home. "We live in a secure complex and only about 250m apart," I keep telling myself. That has got to count for something, right? How does that even happen in today's life? (Three year old hits the road to visit uncle by himself!!!!!!!) This adventure left him exhausted and he decided to take a nap around 4pm! He slept until we finally stopped home for the day at 5:30pm. Such a bad idea when bed time is at 7pm sharp! (Emphasis on sharp) I was so hot and tired by the time we finally got home we ate the half burnt meal and the kids handled it with grace! They knew mommy was tired!

I can only laugh.

I'm not going to lie, this crazy chaos is becoming my normal.

I don't walk, I run!

I don't think, I just do.

There's no time for anything else. I might forget a lot of things in one day, but in my defence I remember a million things in one day too. I'm choosing to focus on that! I'll focus on the things I do right, the things I do remember, the times I don't loose my kids and the days I cook 4 different veggies with a roast. I choose to dwell in the light and laugh at myself. I choose to allow myself to be human. After all I'm just a girl who is totally loved by one mighty God! I choose to look at the bright side and focus on what is in front of me. I have so much to be grateful for, and for now I can focus on a healthy good smelling baby!

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