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Make it a win! 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I came to the end of my day which was really not a bad day. It was actually an amazing day, but I feel drained. I understand the phrase: "the devil comes to steel, kill and destroy" a bit better today!

I had a huge victory and it wasn't a normal victory, I had a victory in Christ!! God gave me a task, I listened and the outcome was bigger and better than what I ever could have dreamed of or imagined! We celebrated my babies birthday today and all in good company.

But when the devil sees victory and when he sees that a person is growing in Christ, he decides to seriously get involved and try brake everything and anything he can get his hands on. I don't want to waist my time talking about the devil but I do want to say this.

We have to resist him, we have to stand up and say get out!!! He comes in every shape and size, any form that you can possibly think of and he makes everything look completely different than the truth! We must turn our backs on him and we can't allow him to ever steal our joy!!

I almost made that mistake today, in such a big victory I still almost fell and allowed him to take it from me. I say no more, I say I will not allow it and I say he is not the boss of my heart and has no claim to my life.

I am indeed a Jesus girl, a girl who makes many mistakes and who is not perfect but in Christ I am strong and in Christ I am a warrior and in Christ I am a winner. My life is one more win for God and I will try my very best to find my strength always in God and not allow the enemy to steal my joy!

I thank God for people like my husband in my life to remind me where to find my joy and when to say no to the enemy! We all need someone to just every once in a while say: "hey but look how far you have come!"

I'll say it again, I'm not perfect but my God is!

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