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Knowing yourself 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

One of my favorite things on Facebook is the "On this day" option! It's the first thing I do every day before I get out of bed!!! I love to see how my kids have grown, where we were, what we did, places we have been to. A person forgets so quickly because we are so busy! This is the perfect diary of the past and to always keep the memories fresh!

The other thing I love about this is to see how much I have grown as a person! If I look at status updates in 2007, I can't believe how much I have changed over the years without even knowing and realizing it. I see a drastic change when I became a mom in 2009 and then another change when I became a mom of 2 in 2011. Sometimes I read certain things I wrote and the way I saw the world and the manner I expressed myself and I want to give myself a high 5 🖐🏻 for where I am today! You know, we are allowed to be proud of ourselves.

I see growth in a positive way, and it is good for us to see that we grow. It is good to see that we are moving forward in life! It gives us hope and it gives us motivation to become even better.

My biggest competitor in life is me, I want to be a better me tomorrow than what I was today. I want to grow on a daily basis! I want to inspire myself, I want to drive myself. I think it is important for everybody to rather watch their own profiles than to look at everybody else's profiles. It's important that we compete against ourselves and not against other people! We can never reach our best if we try be like someone else!

Be your own inspiration! Let God take you on a journey that you have never been on before. To discover yourself in life is a gift and so many people leave this place before they ever really know themselves. Be who you are and be that person in Christ.

With this formula you can never go wrong and you can never be disappointed in a way that affects us negatively. Yes, sure we can disappoint ourselves but we will be able to handle it and that disappointment will lead to trying harder, giving more to yourself and fight stronger.

Knowing yourself is one of the greatest gifts from God and it is a destiny we should all reach before the end ❤️

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