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Kidilicious Day with the Girls

The build-up After meeting everyone for the first time 2 weeks prior to the main event, we couldn't wait to see everyone again. Our mini #GirlMomsMeetup at Toy Kingdom was amazing!


Mom Of two little Girls, Chanene from Tonic and Tiaras and Charlene from Highheels and Fairy Tales thank you for everything you have done to make the #GirlMomsMeetup so incredibly special. It was two "wow" weekends for us.


It's a Kiddi Licious Saturday Morning! The girls and I quietly sneaked out of the house while the boys were watching Disney Cars. Loads of little giggles and squeals of excitement went on over the first 15 minutes. There after the "are we there yet's?" started and continued for the next 2 hours.

We Finally arrived!


Kiddilicious and wow what a nice little place. The owner told us why she started the place and as a mother I could hear her mother heart in the whole set-up. If you live in Johannesburg, do yourself a favor! What a nice little place to "hang" with the girls while the kids play. She has created an environment where kids can use their imagination and play like we use to play as kids. Loads of little houses, ropes hanging from old tree's and a jumping castle.


Who says only boys can be Engineers? After we greeted everyone and ordered our first Cuppuccino's we headed over to the little private section at Kiddilicious. This is normally where you can book for birthday parties. The crew from Young Engineers already waited for our girls. She immediately got the kids attention when she mentioned LEGO and I quickly realised that my kids didn't know much about a washing machine or even how it works. She chatted for a bit and gave a small demonstration on how a washing machine works before they got to build their very own little LEGO wash machine. The girls had so much fun. Once those batteries were connected and their little piece of wet cottonwool dried, they were super excited and proud of their little master pieces.

In the mean time. We were in and out while the girls spent time with Young Engineers. While sipping on our delicious Cappuccino's and eating our breakfast starter, which was Muesli, yogurt and fresh fruit with honey, Prima Toys gave a run down on all their most popular toys for girls ages 5 - 11. It was lovely to see that they encourage kids to play instead of spending their time screens. Prima Toys recommendation list on toys for girls aged 5 - 11:

  1. LOL Dolls

  2. Baby Born Baby doll

  3. Baby doll. This doll comes in 3 different languages and speaks to you. It was so cute.

  4. Shopkins Collectables

  5. Little Live Pets

Sharing is caring. After the girls were done, we chatted about all the different brands. I gave a quick rundown on MNI / Neuro Vance and what difference this product has made in my life. You are welcome to have a look here to see how this product has changed our lives at home.


Tonic and Tiaras said a few words and we had our brand discussion. Everyone that pitched in spoilt us rotten, not only did my girls get spoilt but so was I.

Shoutout to all the brands! We got goodie bags from Muppie Lounge and personalised goodie bags from Lolabee Designs. These bags were filled with so much. We got things from Homing PinZang ChocolateIna PaarmanNutri KidsMNIBean there CoffeeRevlonFaithful to NatureAlexa LilyElancyl, and  Tall Tree Profiles. I think the most special gift to me was my personalised mugg from Mug Love SA and the huge spoil from Daily Dish where we got a box full of goodies for the most devine cheese platter and a bottle of Fairview Wine. That was just us moms! The girls walked away with a backpack and huge gift bag filled with goodies. Thank you to Maped South AfricaPenguin Books SADisneyNestleMy Little PonyPrima Toys, Tower KidsShampoo Heads Professional South AfricaBarbie South Africa and lastly shoes from Bubble Gummers. My girls are two complete opposites, so the My Little Pony, science experiment and paint was Nika's absolute favorite and Roxy loved the shoe's and the Shampoo Heads Products.


There's nothing like photo evidence. I think whenever we get together the photos speaks for itself. We have so much fun together. Our tummy muscles worked hard that day. Cheralle from My Daily Cake gave us a few pointers as she is the queen of selfies.


One Messy Mama, Sharon who'm  I met for the first time from Blessed Barrenness and of cause one of my favorite people in the world, Nadia from The Non Adventures of a Stay at Home Mom.

Always sad to say good-bye. It was time to head home and the day was over in no time. There's just never enough time. I don't even think a week long meet up will be enough for us! We just have so much to talk about and share with one another.


Special Thank You! Ladies you've outdone yourselves. It's been incredible. The #GirlMomsMeetup was incredibly special to both me and my girls. Not only did we get to finally meet all of you, we got to do it twice in one month. I also got some mom daughter time with my girls on our little weekend road trips and for that I'll always be greatful. It's nice to share your own dreams with your girls and this gave them a little taste of the other lady when I'm not just their mom.



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