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June #momfuel Songs

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

My Praise And Worship #momfuel Songs To follow below five more of my favorite songs. I've shared five songs before and you are welcome to go listen to it here. I am sharing these songs because I know as a mom I draw strength from music and these songs that I share with you are songs I have listened and danced to a thousand times. This is the moment where you leave your work for ten minutes, take your coffee/tea and just sit back. Let my music take you on a journey where you will feel the love.

Ryan Stevenson - In The Eye Of The Storm This song carries me. When I'm low, when I have to cross mountains, when I feel like I've lost all hope. This song takes me to a place of hope again. A safe place. His love surrounds me, He is always in control even if it feels like I have lost all control. It is so beautiful.

Red Rocks Worship - Fill This Place This is the song I want to play loud every single morning before my family goes out into the world. I feel like it has some sort of protection power. We pray every day for protection, we pray for traveling mercies, we pray for safe coming, I pray for my kids schools, but this song brings me peace. Especially if I play it early in the morning before my day starts.

Zach Williams - Old Church Choir Just trust me, this song makes you want to dance! When you listen to it you want to clap your hands and sing along whether your are cooking or driving! It can uplift any mood!

Hillsong Worship - Who You Say I Am As all of us, I have moments where I feel unsure. Unsure about the future, my choices, the decisions I have to make. Decisions as a mother, a wife... but this song just reminds me of exactly who I am. This song reminds me who I belong to. This acoustic version is so beautiful.

We Are Messengers - Everything Comes Alive God makes everything come alive, when I listen to this song I believe it and I feel it. Nothing is too dead to come back alive for God. He is the creator of eternity and eternity means infinity, unending time. He makes everything alive. He can do the same for all of us. No one is too broken, just believe it and if you can't, listen to this song. Hope you enjoyed these songs as much as I do. What music do you listen to? What song takes you from a low to a high? Please share it with me, even if it is not Praise and Worship. We all have a song. Hope you all have an awesome week. Be blessed. xxx

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