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It's the first day of Autumn.

Updated: Jun 15

Somehow it's different this year! Normally I feel heart broken on this day, only because I love Summer so much! I love the smell of Summer, the hot sun, long days and beach holidays. This year strangely enough, I’m feeling okay with saying good-bye. I know I might regret this in a couple of months  but I’m ready for Autumn.

I know exactly why! Last winter we visited Cape Town during the winter holidays and I fell in love. The short days, cosy cuddles, red wine and foggy days showed me a different side to winter. I fell in love with a season that has always been around, and somehow I've missed it my entire life. I find it so much more romantic and intense. The air is filled with different fragrances like cinnamon and Curries. Movies and popcorn on the couch becomes family time and creativity on activities take over. We build little towns out of clay and half built puzzles take over the dining room table. Hot Chocolate with marchmellows replaces Ice Tea and Coke in the house. I am ready for this new season!

New Season, New Beginnings! We will still have our very hot days and one more beach holiday at the end of March, so it's not like we going to freeze from today. I am happy with this arrangement. With every new season comes new things. The trees will all change color and our world will become different shades of red and orange. Fashion will change and we will start covering up more as the next few months pass us by. Garden beds will change color as the little winter flowers will make their appearance. I'm going to embrace this time for what it is and appreciate new beginnings. I'm going to trust God for new beginnings and a new season. One where I can focus on what God's plans are for my life and allow Him to add beautiful colors and different fragrances to everything I take on. He is the creator of everything, and so everything was made perfect, we must only take the time to stop and see the beauty all around us. Focus on what is good and not what is bad. See His 'handiwork' in even the darkest and coldest days.

It's a new season. A perfect oppertunity to do something new, something bold and something beautiful.

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