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It’s not me, it’s January!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Since the kids have gone back to school I almost feel like all my #momgoals have gone out the back door, without noticing and without giving it permission. It’s almost like running a race that never ends, there’s no finish line!!!!

All of a sudden I have free mornings but at the same time I’m 700 emails and a 168 what’s app messages behind, constantly running, constantly doing something. All of a sudden everything has become “ASAP.” (Like when did that happen?) I can however provide you with a silver lining, I don’t have time to sit and worry about my worries because I haven’t sat down since school started. (Chuckle) It’s gotten out of control so badly that I forgot one of my dearest oldest friend’s birthdays this week and now I have to deal with that #guilt as well.

So I’ve basically come to the conclusion that nothing can prepare you for the beginning of a school year! It’s time to make peace with the chaos and give January the upper hand. I won’t give up and I won’t stop fighting the fight, February is going to be my month (as it is my birthday month) and I’m going to rock it. Let’s just first get through this first 60 day month!

Lesson - Don’t trust January, just embrace the chaos. Tip - set your #goals to start only in February of each year. January doesn’t count!

Once the “back to school” dust has settled I can start breathing again. Who votes for a moms retreat every January?


So while I look like a chicken without a head I won’t waist too much time on the things I haven’t done YET, there’s still 11 months left of the year! I do apologize in advance for any important dates, anniversaries, memories or events that I’ve forgotten about..... it really isn’t my fault!

It’s January’s fault.


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