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It's Been So Long

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Every Second The Clock Is Ticking Don't get me wrong, I don't feel like I have to write something every single day, but when two weeks go by without a single word typed or post published, I do feel I'm missing something in my life. Every second the clock is ticking is a second lost and gone forever. I am living so much to the full at this stage of my life that time is flying by without even taking a second to breathe. I have always been the type of person that can't and won't let any opportunity pass me by without me grabbing it with both hands, but time... time is the one thing that has always counted against me. Every single one of us. We all face this one simple reality.

What I Have Been Up To?

Kilimanjaro The training and preparation towards my big climb is taking more and more of my time. Basically I am trying to add kilometres to my legs and this takes time. Whilst I enjoy the fresh air and I am trying to embrace every stage of this journey, it cuts a huge chunk out of my usual morning routine. This means I am even more pressured for time with all the other things that I still need to get done.

Muppie Lounge My clothing brand, Muppie Lounge is keeping me very busy at the moment. There are times when it is quiet and then there are times where it is chaos. Maybe I need to work on my planning skills here. We are launching our third range in only three weeks time. There is so much to do and organise before a launch, it's actually insane. Things like new designs, photoshoots, getting an idea down to business, pricing, packaging and finally the big launch. I'm pressing hard on this one because once the launch is done I can focus on other things ... like my blog :)

Aardklop Muppie Lounge is going to Aardklop this year. Yes, you heard right! We will see you there, please pop in and say, "Hi!". Again, I am pressed for time that I don't have much of at this stage. I'm leaving for Aardklop the day after I arrive back in South Africa from Tanzania . This means that everything has to be labeled and packed before I board my plane. Can you see me sitting with my hands in my hair? I am super excited though and I'm sure it's going to be an unforgettable experience.

Grace KiDs As some of you might know, I have run a private kids ministry for nearly four years that I started in my dining room. It grew and eventually moved from being held in my home to a different, larger premises altogether. This year God spoke to me and told me to reach more kids. My understanding of His words were to reach more than just the thirty-four (same) kids once a week and He also told me to get back to church. After six months I decided to stop Grace KiDs and invite all the kids to our church and to take our message to the schools. That was then, and now we are here. On Thursday, we (me and the mom who joined Grace KiDs in 2017) are doing a little show in front of 290 kids, aged between three and six years old. We are super excited, but pressing hard for time. The primary schools - phase 2, will happen one week after Aardklop, so I will have to be organised and everything has to be well planned.

MommyHood And Marriage In the meantime my working hours have not changed. I'm still not answering my phone once I fetch the boys from school at 12:30. I still lock my office at 12:15 when I leave to fetch the boys. I don't have a second to spare except on a Friday afternoon. Who wants to work on a Friday? There I'm with the Capetonians. My husband works long and late hours so when he is home I dedicate my last energy to him and us. I physically have nothing left inside once the clock hits 9pm. Weekends were designed for family and not for work. I won't and can't compromise here.

And Because Of This As much as I love what I do, as much as I am grateful and thankful for what I have and where I am, and as much as I love my journey, it's because of all of this that I haven't written in two weeks. It's because of this that I have been so quiet on the blog. I'm trying my best to stay active on my social media platforms and keep everyone posted on where I am and what I'm doing. Sometimes something has to give for a little while in order for everything else to fall into place. For now this is working for me. For now I need to keep focusing on the mountain ahead, literally and figuratively, while everything else falls into a time slot. It's good though, I am continually learning things about myself and my own abilities, as well as the possibilities out there.

Always Remember ... The only limit in life, is YOU. If you push harder, you will climb higher. But never forget who you are. Stay humble and kind. It costs nothing. Be the best you and stay true to that YOU.


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