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It’s Been A Year Since You Left Us

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Can It Be? It’s been a year since I’ve written this letter. What’s only been a year almost feels like ten years and at the same time it feels like just yesterday when I last sat next to your bed. Holding your hand. Can it be only a year? Can it be a year already?

Life Carried On Life carries on, nothing much have changed yet everything was different this year without you here. Your absence is something we can’t miss. I miss you dad. We all do.

The Letter Can a person ever be prepared? The feeling of loss over flowing from my heart. God was good to us, He gave us a chance to say good-bye, we had grace time, but why does it feel like it was too soon? Why does it feel like I wanted more time? It's because nothing can prepare us for death. Nothing can make this loss less hurtful and nothing can spare us from grief. God's time. His way. He gives life and He takes it back. It's all borrowed, and this, here, now .... it's nothing but a vapor. We are rejoicing in the certainty that a man went to his Father in heaven and it wasn't a minute too soon or too late. You have peace when someone goes to be with our Father. My father in-law passed away early on Tuesday morning, and although we knew he was terminal, every day extra made it feel like it could go on forever. Little did we know that only 11 days after the terrible news we would have to say good-bye forever. Our early morning visits will stay with me forever, and I will cherish it for the rest of my life. He was more than just an in-law, he was my dad. I loved him deeply and with a relationship that just grew from strength to strength, we knew exactly what we had in each other. I had many little secrets with him and now those have gone to heaven with him. I hope to be the woman he told me to be, I hope to make him proud and I know I will see him again. In my life, he has left a hole. One that can't be filled again. I'm so proud to be part of what he has left behind, a man that walked in the footsteps of Jesus and he was so proud of it. 18 Years I have been around to see what kind of a dad, husband, friend and warrior he was. It was a privilege to know you dad, you broke my heart with your sudden death. Rest In Peace. I'll see you when I see you 💔

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