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It's A #Friendship

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

I've never actually met them! I've never actually met any of these women face to face but I call them my friends. We've had laughs and cries together, they have been amazing to let me join the group and have been nothing but supportive and true from the start. They have not only supported me with my new and exciting venture Muppie Lounge, but also have been incredible in helping me develop my abilities to strive for bigger and better things. I learn from these ladies every day and I can't thank them enough.

I really feel blessed. I believe God has opened these doors in my blogging life for a reason and He could not have picked a better crowd for me. They are so funny and uplifts my spirit every day. So I  just wanted to write a post of gratitude to my new cyber friends and thank them from the bottom of my heart, for being the best teachers, listeners, helpers and most importantly friends. You girls rock and I couldn't imagine this world without you! It's only been three or so months, and I have a long way to go, and I'm sure my own blogging community and friends will just grow, but it's been an honour and a privilege. So I decided to take the time and personally thank these ladies for the wonderful journey it has been so far. You guys have become like family to me. Mom Of Two Little Girls One Messy Mama Mamma Chef Jozi The Non Adventures of a SAHM Whisky Of The Week High Heels And Fairytales Mels Postbox My Daily Cake Tonic and Tiaras Life's A Treat Spirited Mama Real Life Mum Site

There's more ... I have a couple of other ladies that have also been an inspiration to me and have also been so supportive through commenting (this provides such a boost for the soul) and sharing the love of blogging. It is so nice to step out of your comfort zone into an unfamiliar world and have support. This journey has become so much more than what I could ever have dreamed. Thank you so much to everyone. I realise now it is more than just an audience, it's building lasting relationships.

You and I are more than friends, we are like a small gang. #sabloggerscafe

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