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It's A Fair Trade


There Is A Way! Have you ever heard of Phonetradr? They buy your “old” model phone from you and this way you get to shop the latest phones on the market and keep up with technology. You can’t loose! They offer excellent service, the money gets paid right into your bank account. They deal with the buyer, seller, money and delivery. I have done this, it really is that simple!


5 Reasons To Trust Phonetradr

  1. Zero contact with the buyer or seller. Unlike other websites that offer this service, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to purchase or sell a used phone. Phonetradr does all the walking and talking for you! From collecting your used phone to deciding on a price, we’ll do all the heavy lifting.Quality-approved.

  2. Trust – Phonetradr implements a rigorous 45-step process to ensure that all of our listed used phones are in tip top shape.

  3. You get a 12-month warrantyIf, for some reason, your phone is not in working condition after a purchase, you’re 100% covered by a 12-month warranty that comes with every purchase. Now, where else would you get a warranty after buying a used phone? Correct, no where else!

  4. Your transaction is secure. We promise your banking and personal information 100% security when you buy any Phonetradr product.FREE repair voucher, FREE delivery. Why should you pay for delivery? You shouldn’t! We’ll collect your phone for sale or deliver your purchase to your door free of charge.

  5. With any Phonetradr purchase, you’ll get a R2,000 repair voucher if you crack your screen!

To Good To Be True I know this all sounds way to good to be true, but believe it! It is true! One more thing, you don’t have to buy a phone from them if you sell your old phone to them. You don’t have to sell a phone to buy a phone. The choice is yours! Single transaction or a double transaction. Go check them out and speak to the team! They are helpful and professional. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram and stay up to date with all their awesome specials.

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