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It's a done deal! NeuroVance Kids for us!

The proof is in the pudding Nika's love language is gifts (we watched the 5 love languages to know this) so she does really well if she has a goal set in front of her. The bar was set very high because her prize was big this time around. She wanted Tiara, My dream Puppy from the Little Live Pet collection so we decided she had to get 85% on her overall total or more to get the puppy. We bought the puppy before the time and kept it away from her. She knew it was here, but she also knew it wasn't hers until she got the marks she needed.


The big day The day finally arrived to fetch the reports and she was super excited. Never was I this excited to get my report when I was a kid but she was ecstatic. We were 20 minutes early and waited in the car while she couldn't stop talking about Tiara. She never kept quiet, and in my mom heart I was praying that she made the cut. She had worked so hard was one of the things I whispered to God while she carried on in the background. It was time to go and we were first in the class. You can imagine the excitement when she heard that her total was 89% Well, even I jumped out of my skin. My child shouted "thank you Jesus!" She made the cut. Her hard work paid off. NeuroVance Kids helped her cope and she actually got her dream puppy, the one she waited for, for so long. Thank you Lord I whispered in my sleeve and we skipped towards the car.

Service with a smile The NeuroVance team did a follow-up with me after my previous post on their product and I was so excited to share the good news with them. They were over the moon when they found that Nika was doing so well on NeuroVance Kids.

online shop. If you would like more information on this product you can go read more about it here.

School is not for fun anymore! It's not easy. Our kids are under so much pressure. Gosh, if I think of the things they have to do and know.  The truth is my girls are not the only ones that have to cope with the workload. It's hard, we know and understand that its tough but we can't show them. We have to teach them to cope and to keep up. We are halfway through the second term and although I can see it's really tough, especially with the change of season, she is coping really well. Yes, I still worry about her, and yes I will probably always worry about my kids, because I'm the mom. The worry brings me closer to God. Since I became a mom I spend so much more time on my knees.

Interview with her teacher I decided interview her teacher Leonie, just to get the story from the other side. Everything you have seen is from a mom's perspective but I thought about it and realised as hard as it is for a mom to hear that her child has visual concentration problems, it also can't be easy for the teacher who deals with this in the classroom. I am posting this with her teachers consent, and would like to thank her for her time and effortless love towards Nika.

Q1: What made you realise Nika needed to be tested? Teacher: Nika is a sweet and quiet little girl. She does her work in the class and did really well with adapting to her new grade and teacher. I realised some struggles the moment the pace increased in the class. She fell behind and she wasn't coping with the copying from the whiteboard. I walk through the desks to make sure they keep up and do it right, so I keep a close eye on all the kids. I also found that I had to encourage her to do her work at times. This was when I decided to inform the parent about the problem and suggested we have her eyes tested first. She also got emotional at times when I had to correct her.

Q2: When and why did you move her to the front of the class? Teacher: Before I told her mom about the problem, I decided to move her to the front of the class and test my theory. I wanted to see if there was an improvement. It went better but I still had to watch her closely and correct her at times. She lost concentration when something happened in the class that was a little disruptive.

Q3: When did you see a difference in her work? Teacher: Her mom jumped in immediately and had her eyes tested. When the results came back and we knew it wasn't her eyes, she went to an occupational therapist to be tested. Nika had visual concentration problems and was referred to go on medication. Her mom informed me of this immediately but told me she was first going to try NeuroVance. She asked me to watch her and also told me it would take about two weeks before it will show any difference. I saw a difference immediately, she worked without me supporting her emotionally. She made a lot fewer mistakes with copying from the board and I told her mom after a week that I could see a difference.

Q4: What other differences could you see? Teacher: She worked faster and more efficiently. She wasn't as emotional as she was before, especially when I needed to correct her. Nika loves drawing. I allow this when their work is done and up to date. Unfortunately this was something that she wanted to do even when her work wasn't complete but once she started the NeuroVance she finished her class work first and correctly before she would draw.

Q5: Do you think her marks would have suffered if you didn't act fast? Teacher: Definitely! Grade 3 is fast, we work at a high-speed and if she can't keep up she will fall behind which will then show results in her marks. All the work we do in the class is important. We still help a lot in class, but we are also preparing them for the higher grades where the teachers don't check up on every step anymore.

Q6: Are you happy with her progress? Teacher: I am very happy, NeuroVance has made a good and positive difference. She works well and has developed confidence and works independently. I don't have to watch her every step of the way and I don't have to encourage her to do her work. Nika sits with the rest of the class and has a friend next to her, she doesn't lose focus anymore.

Q7: Anything you as a teacher can point out about the situation? Teacher: When kids have concentration problems in the class it really makes it difficult for the teacher and the rest of the class. We have to focus on the child's needs all the time and leave the rest of the class which could result to boredom. I will definitely refer NeuroVance to other parents and for kids with similar problems. I value this so much. I think its difficult no matter which side you on. The teaching side or the parenting side. It's important that teachers also know about NeuroVance Kids, it's an option to explore before taking the other route.

Conclusion I know God saw my heart. He saw a broken mom, worried about her innocent child. He saw my fear but also my confusion. I knew that He would lead the way and I was willing to follow His voice. Sometimes there's an easier way out. In our case that was for us. Other times it's not so easy but I believe we have to try otherwise we will never know. Ultiumedly it's about our kids and what they can handle and cope with. We are there to pray and to try make it a little easier on them. Thank you to the wonderful people at  NeuroVance Kids for all your support and love. I'm not looking back, I am only looking forward.

Disclaimer: This is a paid post by the Medical Nutritional Institute (MNI) on NeuroVance Kids. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and the truth. We started using NeuroVance Kids in February 2018 and has formed part of our daily vitamin intake. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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