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I went on a 8 week detox!

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Making good and healthy choices. I reached a point where I was tired of always having sick kids in the house. Worst of all, when they get sick my husband always gets what they have. Not only was I tired of visiting the doctor, I was tired of playing nurse. It gets to a point where it is exhausting. It never just stays with one person. It got so bad at a point that one kid will get sick and over the next two weeks everyone will get the same bug. By the time everyone had a turn, the first one would start again. That's 5 sick people every 2 weeks!

Gut health. A friend of mine spoke to me about antibiotics and the negative impact it has on our health. I watched tons of You Tube video's on gut health. Other things were also brought to my attention like artificial sugars and a healthy diet. We can't just know these things, it took me months to read about it all and intensive research. I still don't know half the stuff I need to know, but I  am thankful that I at least know the bit I do for now. It's a starting point.

January 2018 was a new beginning for me. I decided in January to take this new healthy lifestyle for a test run. I found  Sharny and Julius Instagram Page and followed the blog. Towards the end of January I signed up for the 8 week detox programme. I got a couple of others to join me, this was not a journey I wanted to take on by myself.

This journey started today 10 weeks ago.


  1. No sugar

  2. No grains

  3. No starch

  4. No dairy

  5. No alcohol All of the above were part of my diet before and all of the above were going to be a huge challenge in giving up. I love fresh white bread, I love any form and kind of potatoes, I love Coke and had at least 2l a day. I also love a glass of wine at the end of some days. I had 4 cups of coffee in the mornings with 2 sometimes 3 sugars. This was my morning start up! I was a huge fan of pizza and pasta. Cheese is by far one of my absolute favorites.

First two weeks. The first two weeks were torture. I walked around with a head that wanted to burst. I felt hungry all the time and not to talk about tired! I couldn't understand how they were saying "healthy eating" gave energy. I never stopped, I never gave up! I gave it my best! I woke up with a headache and went to bed with a headache but on the first day of week three I woke without a headache and felt great!

I never looked back from this point. It was amazing to feel so energised and healthy. With this I mean, never... not once did I feel bloated. I felt like a feather bouncing off the ground. I fell in love with only drinking water, even at restaurants and I only had 1 cup of coffee a day with maybe 1/4 spoon of sugar! (I'm too sweet to have none!) Green Tea became my second drink. Not only did I see a difference on the scale, I felt the difference. In my clothes and even in my confidence. It was wonderful to go through this transformation after the first 2 weeks.

The step I missed. I was suppose to exercise every day during the 8 week period, which I never. I'll be honest I couldn't bare the thought of exercise during that first 2 weeks, I was way too tired and felt way to sorry for myself. I started exercising around week 4 and am getting more and more into it as we speak. I use to love being fit but after having four kids I lost interest. Only because it felt like the only thing I ever do is "exercise." Four kids can keep you that busy. I realise now that I'm not nearly where I want to be with my fitness and I am making work of that. This is a process, and I'm getting there.

Did I ever cheat? Oh yes I did! Not a lot but I had wine when I felt like a glass, I had gluten free pizza twice, which made me feel terrible afterwards. I carried on using limited cheese and had milk in my one cup of coffee a day. I tried my best not to cheat, but lets face it..... it's not easy!

Week 10 and going strong! I'm well over my 8 weeks and I feel great! I haven't touched Coke again and still try to stick to the original plan. It's funny, I was never a person for chocolates or fruit but I craved sugar while I stopped all sugars. (This must be due to all the Coke I use to drink.) I now love fruit but still limit myself to the amount I take in a week. This is a learning experience for me, and I'm loving what I've discovered about myself and my body. I am so grateful I did this and look forward to changing the whole family over to eating healthy and changing our lifestyle completely. I changed the way I cook when I started with the detox, but I can see it is a lot harder on the kids and my husband. I never took any extra vitamins during the time of my detox but I can recommend it. I cramped up in gym last week.

The Future! I am looking forward to this new changed me! I love the way I feel, I love what this has done for me! If you want to try something like this for whatever reason.....

  1. Weigh loss

  2. Health issues

  3. Healthier lifestyle

  4. Just detox Whatever your reasons, go find someone you can relate to. There are tons of moms doing similar things out there. I am very happy with my results. Social media are crowded with awesome health and fitness bloggers.

You can do this!

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