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I'm outa here! 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

They all jump in the car with dad because it's Saturday, after I say good-bye I walk back inside the house and feel some sort of relief! An hour, maybe two..... It doesn't really matter, I can watch what I want, do what I want and even read what I want. Being away from them for too long is not nice, but being alone for a couple of hours, now that's a different story.

We are made to be alone and together. Alone time is just as important as quality time. Now I can recharge for the week ahead, which will have its own new challenges.

My wish for today is that each and every mom get some time out today with a good book or movie, recharge and relax. Don't do something, choose a nothing. There will be time later for all those other million little things on the to do list of a mom!

Sit back, relax and enjoy being you. Do what makes you happy..... Your happy place. A couple of hours from now the chaos will be home, bath time will stare me right in the eye and hungry little monkeys will want food.

I'm out of here, to my happy place ❤️

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