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I'm important! 

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

In the last week my nails broke one by one. Each time I look at my hands I think, oh my goodness I must just get the nail clippers, but I never get that far. "My hands look terrible" I keep thinking.

Then I sit and I think how things use to be and probably will be again, I use to love accessorizing from jewels to a bag to the shoes! I use to look after my hair and nails (home nails, not fond of gel nails) and I use to make time for facials and those kind of things.

These things are lovely to do and it does make a woman feel better in some weird way, but when it comes down to schedules and running 5 different peoples lives and days, it's hard! It's hard to find even the time to do something as simple and clip your nails.

It hasn't really crossed my mind over the last couple of years, we just accept our situation and move forward while doing what we do. But I can't help but feel there is a reason behind me seeing my hands in a different way the last couple of days. I feel like God is trying to tell me something.

If we feel beautiful, or at least this is the case with me, we have more confidence and can present ourselves with a chin up. It doesn't have to be designer clothes or a blow out at the salon every day but you get what I'm saying. Looking after ourselves helps us to take life on with more fire in our souls! It's not important and it's not what counts but it is what gives us more confidence.

I feel like as important as it is to look after our souls and grow ourselves on the inside, it's just as important on the outside. Especially for a woman. It gives us a boost and if we have a good boost then so does our family. I realize that as much as I make time to clip everybody else's nails in the house, I should make time for mine as well. We should really make time for ourselves, and help ourselves to feel good to be ME kind of thing.

I want to be proud of the person I am becoming inside as well as outside and I want to look after what God has given me. As much as He has given me 4 beautiful children and a husband, He first gave me, me. I want Him to be proud of this temple He gave me, and I want Him to be pleased with what I'm doing in everything I do.

I'm definitely going to give this a try and pay more attention to the small things around and about me. I'm not going to become selfish I'm just going to look after yet another treasure of God.

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