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I’m Broken Saying Good-Bye To You

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

I’m Not Sure I Can Do This I’m broken to say the least!! I honestly don’t understand why this happens? I mean my friend is moving to another continent and although I’ve heard that “the experts” say you have seasonal friends .... it just doesn’t make any sense to me at all! We honestly had to say good bye way to soon! Before end of season! She’s leaving and she’s leaving for good! She’s not moving to Johannesburg or worse, Cape Town, no she is moving to the UK! I thought this through a hundred times and no matter how I work this out it just isn’t right. Even if I do see her again, even if we are lucky enough to see each other again one day, some day..... it just won’t ever be “my friend next door” again. She’s leaving tonight. Kids, husband cat and the boxes..... I’m leaving Cape Town today: kids, the long road and my thoughts! How did it work out like this? Was it better like this? A week ago I thought so yes but today....: today I have my doubts! She’s been my person for only a couple of months but I’ll call it months measured in years and I’m really struggling with this one! Saying good bye is never easy, I know and realize this but that doesn’t make this any easier or lighter! I’m dying inside.

God Is My Only Hope I’m counting on God to get me through this one because I have no idea how to cope with all that’s happening within the next week! I’ll be driving into a complex and my person is gone who was there when I left! I’ll be saying good-bye to my kids for two weeks while they go abroad on vacation with my parents and I’m not sure I can handle the void.

  1. Did I know it was going to work out like this? No! But it did!

Thank YouCarly, thank you. Thank you for the friend you have been to me. Thank you for the person you are. Thank you for taking my hand and teaching me the things you did. Thank you for loving me. I won’t ever forget you! I will always miss you. I’m broken to say the least. You are one special treasure and God be with you and your beautiful family. FAREWELL MY FRIEND - Bon Voyage PS: You See  Me And I See You! You Get Me!  We Get Each Other :(

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