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I am thankful November, I'm a sister.

Updated: Jun 12

November, 10th

I am thankful I have a brother Looking at my own kids makes me happy, the way they play, the way there's always another friend to play with when things go sour, because let's face it, they all fight. Watching them play and being sibblings are one of my greatest joys. I have a younger brother and I remember always looking out for him. He might not remember most of it, but I was always looking, protecting and watching over his shoulders. Yeah we fought, yes I had green envy moments with him, yes we've had some word spitting moments but it's all part of growing up with sibblings. I am thankful that I didn't grow up alone. I am thankful that he was always waiting under the big tree after school to walk home with me.  I am thankful that I always had someone around, another person in the house. (My parents worked) I am thankful that I was never lonely, and I guess in a way I am thankful to him for teaching me how to fight :) That small boy is now in his thirties and happily married. I'm thankful that he found a good wife, one that suites and adores him. I'm thankful that they are happy and also praise a living God. It's funny once you grow up and get married, your responsibilities change, it shifts as well as your focus, although my responsibilieties and focus is now on my own family and my own children I will always feel some sense of responsibilty towards him. I will always feel like he needs my protection. Don't ask me why, I don't know? I miss him, we hardly ever see them. They live five hours away from us and with us having four kids and with me having my own kids ministry, weekends no longer belongs to us. Our time is limited and holidays are always about getting to any coastal town as quickly as possible :) It's okay though, I know he knows how much I love him and that he will always be apart of the blood in my veins. I will forever be thankful for the many years we had together growing up and I am especially thankful for the kind of brother he is. His gentle spirit can only come from our Father above.

I am thankful that I'm a big sis. 

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