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I am going to climb Kilimanjaro


Am I crazy? After hearing all about the trip my parents, brother and sister in-law went on, I think I might just be a little crazy. They climbed Kilimanjaro in January. They did a 5 day climb and all of them made it to the top. Such a proud moment for me! When they explained what it was like, I got mixed emotions from their side. Something between craziest best experience of their life and most challenging experience of their life. There were times where they had to dig deep to carry on. I didn't join them on the trip. This was on my mom's bucket list and with some planning, her dream came true while doing it with her husband and son. She did it! She climbed the highest mountain in Africa!  It's not a dream of mine, I didn't even consider doing this with them, I was more than happy to cheer from the side line back in South Africa.


But why then? When my dad shared their adventures on the mountain with me, well lets just say I took a slight interest. A feeling of absolute gratitude and admiration popped up as I heard about this incredible journey. My dad suggested I go climb the mountain with his company of cause. At first it was more of a joke in my mind but the more I thought of it the more it appealed  to me. I mean how could I even want to go through all that after hearing what they all went through? How can I even think into that direction? It wasn't easy! How could I be this crazy? It's not like I've been dreaming of this my entire life. It's not like I'm the fittest person out there, anything but! Since I've had my 4th child I really struggle to get back into "that" me.... the gym fit me. The kids just keep me way too busy.

How can I not? It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. How can I not take it? Trust me, my reason for taking on this huge challenge is not due to:

  1. proving something to myself

  2. it being the highest mountain in Africa

  3. a week of "freedom" from #momhood

  4. jealousy because they did it, and I didn't It's a simple fact - one I can't shake or avoid. I can't imagine spending 5 days alone with my daddy in any better way. I'm doing it because this will be ours. This will be about me and him. Away from everything and everyone. (Although my husband can think of much better ways to do this, I disagree. I think this is perfect.) Since I became a mom nearly 9 years ago, life changed drastically as only moms will understand and special one on one time, well with anyone becomes very rare. I see my dad but not nearly enough. He works in Ghana and when he's in South Africa I don't get to see him each and every day.


Would my choices have been the same a year ago? I don't think so... My husband lost his dad last year as well as one of my closest friends. It's heart breaking to say the least. I see this as a gift from God. Me, my dad, the mountain and endless kilometres of time and bonding. Just us. It's my gift, and I am going to take it. I will keep this safe in my heart till end of times. I have so many friends who has lost their dads, some even at the age of 9. I'm doing this for them and all girls who has lost their daddies, young or old. I'm doing this for my husband who lost his dad and best friend only 9 months ago. I'm doing this because in my heart I know I can never buy this time again. If a once in a lifetime opportunity comes by, you grab it with both hands and you don't look back! You take it and you make it happen. I'm doing this because unlike many, I still have my daddy and I can still live life with him by my side.


Let the games begin! With winter coming, I'm already feeling lazy to get out of bed for gym. This year I need to shake winter and fight through it. I have to rise above the temperatures.  I need to train every day. The only way to do this is early in the mornings, long before anyone wakes in the house. I'm way too tired at night. I won't be able to do this without prayer and support. I'll be keeping you posted on this journey over the next couple of months. I'll be sharing my journey towards climbing Kilimanjaro. Watch this space as I'll be taking you to the top of the highest mountain in Africa along side with my dad!

PS* It's okay to think I am crazy... I think so too. xxx

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