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Holding onto a "once promise."

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Paradise, here I come! I can hardly wait to put my toes in the sand, breath the fresh sea air and just be completely lazy for 7 days. I've been planning this holiday for 10 years, and finally it's the day before. It's less than 24 hours away and I haven't packed a thing, I have tons to do and have no plan of action really. To be honest, I'm not worried! The only thing I care about is that we are going and I'm so grateful for this wonderful gift of family time and rest.

First things I am packing!

  1. A Nicolas Sparks book! (This will be the first thing in the suitcase.)

  2. Sunblock

  3. Aftersun cream (I'm planning to bake in the sun and not move for 7 days.)

  4. Medicine in case of anything. (My good doctor friend gave her professional help and assistance with this.)

  5. Swimsuits times 6 and then again times 7 days. (I plan to do nothing else but swim and lie next to the pool.)

  6. Sunglasses

What needs to happen before we leave? I haven't fetched our tickets or any travel documents. I need to get travel organised with a little travel bag. You don't travel with 4 kids unorganised.... trust me! I need to visit the pharmacy with the list of "must have" medicines incase one of the kids get sick whilst over there. I need to get something for Easter - I mean we can't miss out on chocolate and egg hunts just because we are not home. I need to pack times 6 - all the way from hand luggage to toys (won't take too much) to clothes and toiletries. I can't forget the chargers and those other essentials we can't live without. I have to get everything sorted for the house. Dog food, cat food, tortious food. Enough cat litter and house keys! My wonderful Lydia will come in and take care of the pets.

Why was this trip so important to me? We went to the same place for our 5 year wedding anniversary and this year we will hit the 15 year mark. With our 5 year celebration, we made a promise that we will go back 10 years later. Now in 2018 it's 10 years later and we have 4 more additions to the family. Little did we know this 10 years ago. How life has just changed so drastically in only 10 years. What a celebration! We look forward to sharing this with our kids. We look forward to taking them to a place that once brought us so much closer together. This time creating new memories with our beautiful family. I go with a heart full of gratitude and knowing that there is always hope. There were so many hurdles and so many things that nearly stole this from us. Just normal "life" that happens to all of us, but I never stopped proclaiming this over my life. Nothing in this world can stop us from dreaming, nothing in this world can stop us from wanting extraordinary experiences. We are who we believe we can be. We do what we believe we can do. We become what we hope to become one day. Don't ever sell yourself short. Believe the most and the best for yourself! Dream BIG! Aim HIGH! Most importantly have FAITH...... ...... Just believe.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram or Facebook tomorrow to see where I'll be taking you for the next 7 days.  Mom Just Saying Instagram        Mom Just Saying Facebook

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