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He Was Mine, Long Before I Chose Him.

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It's our 15 year wedding anniversary! Today, we celebrate love. Love between 2 people that made a promise in front of God. Not only am I amazed that we have made it this far but I am bowled over at what it has become. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think 15 years ago, my love could grow this strong for another person.

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Letters to you. (Written 20 May 2016) So, I know this guy, he is strong and very handsome! He is ambitious and loves God! He is a good dad and an honourable man. He is funny but also very serious. He is a real man, can fix anything, do everything (except set up a DVD player) and he makes me laugh! This guy makes my tummy turn and has ways to make me fall in love with him time and again! I am lucky enough to call him mine. When it comes to kids we don't choose, they are gifts wrapped in new born skin, soft and gentle! You can't help but accept the offer. You fall in love from the moment the doctor says, "you're going to have a baby". It just is what it is. The love between a mother and her child grows from the first moment you meet. And it grows stronger and stronger every day! A natural love, an instinctive love. A process that comes from God!

Your man, you choose! When it comes to your man, you get to choose. He wasn't wrapped in new born skin, soft and cuddly. He might have been sweet, and he might have caught your attention in some way, but he had to work for your approval and acceptance. It grows slowly but surely with long conversations, special moments, maybe some flowers and chocolates, that first "holding hands". What I am saying is all the firsts. All the sweet promises of an indescribable future together. Eventually you fall in love (for sure) and you decide to make this man, your man. You know this is the guy you want to spend the absolute rest of your life with! What makes it so amazing is that God picked him long before I did! He painted this picture many years ago, and now because I chose what God chose for me, the blessing is so right! Just like the glove and hand story, God knew exactly what I need and what he needs. All my shortcomings are his strong points and the other way around. Almost like two puzzle pieces that can only fit each other. The perfect match! Salt and pepper! My life could have turned out very different many times before but because I have always chosen him, we are where we are today. It's not easy, but give me a list of five things that are easy in life? Everything worth having requires hard work! We work hard because it's worth it!

A Perfect Man? Trust me, no one can upset me like this perfect man! No one can drive me crazy the way he can! But with time it gets easier, and with the help of God we are one and we can get through anything. This I truly believe. We can do it! We have been doing it. It's not perfect, we have good days and bad days. We have days where we miss each other the whole day and there are times where I literally want to throw his shoes at him, the ones that I fall over every night! We both have our things, good and bad. But this man that makes me tea after the kids go to bed, and he also makes me happy! He adores me, uplifts me, motivates me, stands behind me, makes me proud and carries me! Most important of all he leads me to God. He is my rock and I am his princess. Somebody had to take care of daddy's little girl and he is doing a wonderful job, this man of mine. I am so grateful to God for this beautiful soul He gave to me to become one with!

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